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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Make-up by Hanika, Beauty appointment: Manila, Philippines

Make-up by Hanika (photo 1)
I think make-up is girl's 3rd best friend other than diamonds being the first and bags being the second. Some women don't even go outside without them. Even though make-up is used for special occasion only in our previous times, this generation 2000s changed it all. Its like make-up is already a part of their body. However, our next feature is a professional make-up service for all-around events.

Make-up by Hanika is a personal business service done by Hanika herself. The service is available only through scheduled appointments.

Rhipe's Backyard Facebook store: Manila, Philippines

Rhipe's BackyardOnline stores in Facebook is now becoming a trend as this social media giant gains popularity worldwide. Since communication has never been this easy as before, there is no stopping from new business models to come popping out from it.

Rhipe's Backyard is an online store where mainly apparel, and all the other random stuff you need are available (Not need to mention the very reasonable prices).

The online store is currently present on Facebook only. Transaction methods are to disclosed once in contact, and items can be delivered to your specified location. The business has already sold stuffs like:

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Emily's Garden Suites: Baguio City - Philippines: Review

Emily's Garden Suites (main house entrance)
Emily's Garden Suites - Main House Entrance
In thinking of your dream vacation, your imagination is your limit right? Anything is possible, and everything is attainable. A world where everything is for you - what makes you happy and feel contented. Would you like a step closer on achieving and experiencing a glimpse of it?

We found a garden up in the Philippines' higher grounds for you to stay and enjoy God's creation in a more personal way. It has an altitude of approximately 1,540 meters  or 5,050 feet.
Emily’s Garden is a hotel/garden/events place located in Baguio City. Initially, Emily's garden will have about 6 standard guest rooms & 4 family suites that will be open for rent. 
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