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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Make-up by Hanika, Beauty appointment: Manila, Philippines

Make-up by Hanika (photo 1)
I think make-up is girl's 3rd best friend other than diamonds being the first and bags being the second. Some women don't even go outside without them. Even though make-up is used for special occasion only in our previous times, this generation 2000s changed it all. Its like make-up is already a part of their body. However, our next feature is a professional make-up service for all-around events.

Make-up by Hanika is a personal business service done by Hanika herself. The service is available only through scheduled appointments.

Stunning Hanika
The stunning Hanika

The business has provided services that left superb impressions from her clients. With the affordable cost and outstanding results, Make-up by Hanika is a must try service. The business started last 2012 and among the clients are as follows:

The transformation: Make-up by Hanika
The transformation
More of Make-up by Hanika
Make-up by Hanika photos
From simple events to grand celebrations, Make-up by Hanika is a thumbs-up! A very recommendable business service to your daughters and girlfriends.

NOTE: Make-up builds confidence and does not make pride. When you got that confidence already, try bringing it out without the make-up. That is what you must take and learn from it not depend on it.

For inquiries, please message at 09178088421
Facebook: www.facebook.com/hanikamakeup
Located at Filinvest, Antipolo
Hanika Oyco
Book that appointment now!


  1. Make-ups really make people the person they want to be. The before and after photo transformation you have here says it all.

  2. Wow! The transformation of the people in this photos - AWESOME! Your such a guru.

  3. I love how make up gives confidence to many people :) I wanna learn more about make up I hope I could attend events like this soon.

  4. Beautiful! I'd love to get her services!

  5. Does she do house calls too? I've been looking for a replacement for my go-to makeup artist who migrated to the states, that's why I'm asking.

    1. I think she does that too. Feel free to contact here at the given details Marie. =)

  6. i loooove how putting make ups give women confidence. And the transformation! lovely! Do they do business around Manila area only?

  7. My third best friend is my shoes. I am not fond of makeups though I need makeup, especially if we are invited to dance at an event.

  8. I can see the big transformation from the photos. It just shows that they are good with what they are doing.

  9. Make-up for women do comes in many forms. Some make it as the job requires, and others like it simple. Buy for me, I prefer woman who knows how to deal with her hygiene, fashion and personality.

  10. wohooo, make up!!!... Girls really love this. I can't believe that it's only the third thing for girls, but bags and diamonds also deserved the first two spots. I like girls with only simple make up though.


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