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Monday, 29 December 2014

Belen Museum And Miniature Museum (The Spirit of Bethlehem): Riverbanks: Marikina, Metro Manila

Sneak peek inside the Belen Museum
Sneak peek inside the Belen Museum
Ideally, we all have our own version of collections as a person. Our interest defines it and we unconsciously collect it either physically or in our minds. We invest on things that we love and have passion for, rarely some collections are just over the top, exceeding the majority's expectation and are recognized by many.

Tangible or physical collections mainly give happiness and satisfaction to its owner when their eyes lay on them but few have the opportunity to share it with others especially to the public, raising awareness and interest about this especially collected items. And this museum is a perfect example.

Joey Velasco Gallery: Riverbanks Center: Marikina City, Metro Manila

Hapag ng Pag-asa: Joey Velasco Gallery
Hapag ng Pag-asa
Let's admit that visiting museums and galleries is not that fun and exciting as compared to theme parks and shopping malls, well I'm speaking for most of Asians because it can also be affected by the people's culture, history and standard of living; Like most Europeans prefer going to historical museums, art galleries and artistic plays and musicals rather than any other activities. And one more thing, when we talk of spirituality and social responsibility, majority of the people gets bored with this topic but we all do know that it is one of the most significant and meaningful aspect of one's life right? I personally think that a person will only and truly understand specific things when he's eyes and heart is open for it. Well, when talking about galleries, generally, the story behind the art pieces is much more interesting than what we can see physically. And with our next feature, you'll never get less than what you have expected.

Saturday, 27 December 2014

Philippine Science Centrum: Riverbanks Center: Marikina City, Metro Manila

Human Gyro: Philippine Science Centrum
Human Gyro
Aside from growing, learning should not stop as well, this is one of the trainings that I am still carrying as of today. Even though I am now currently working, acquiring new things and bumping into unknown waters still excite me. Graduating from college was one of the best feelings I felt where I thought studying, home works and the burden of learning things thru not your preferred ways are needed, but I was wrong. I thought the hardships of the term we so call "school" was finished, but then again I was wrong. Now, I realized that learning must be a continuous development like change where it is constant.

In looking on the other side of it, learning must not be solely associated with work, hardship and boredom. Learning can be fun in ways where one can enjoy the experience, and our next feature is one great example of this.

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Sisig Hooray: One Of The Best Pork Dishes In The World: Manila, Philippines: Review

Pork sisig
Pork sisig
In small or big gatherings, there are things that are must haves. Some of these are drinks, music, games, stories to tell, and one of the most important here is of course food. In the Philippines, there is a special regional dish that was developed overtime because of its rich social culture. Almost in every town, village or even street in Manila, you'll see a group of persons sharing their own personal daily experiences with each other partnered with their beverages and small snacks. There is a local term called "Pulutan" or Finger food that is very popular to every Filipino that in every gathering here it must be included. There are a lot to choose from as south-east Asian countries, where the Philippines is located are very popular with its unique finger foods history. But there is one that stood out from the rest and so it was called Sisig.
Sisig, a Kapampangan (People from the province of Pampanga) term that has a meaning of "to snack on something" well, usually sour, with fruit taste, half-ripped and sometimes dipped on a variety of seasonings by definition. 

Murakami: Japanese Restaurant (Asian Fusion): Marikina City: Review

Tori (Chicken Teriyaki)
Tori (Chicken Teriyaki) 
Growing up, I did not like eating any as in ANY vegetable because of their either plain or bitter taste. Although I heard that when you eat strictly leafy foods only, your life span will be longer than an average person plus you can maintain your youthful look. And now that I am on my 20's, I find eating vegetables a must to intake vitamins and minerals to take care of our body better, as an option from taking tablets and capsules with promises of nurturing our body with it.

Before I encountered this restaurant, I only eat vegetables with a condition. And what condition was it? It was that it has to be combined with a delicious and very flavorful main dish. Like I only eat vegetables in and with a burger, when eating Tocino, Longganisa, or Okoy.. But now, its different, I crave eating vegetables which I myself was shocked being in that situation.

Talking about this restaurant, its named Murakami. In Tagalog language, breaking the name in half gives you "Mura" and "kami" meaning affordable.

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Operation: Solid Lives (OSL): Taking Your Relationship with God To The Next Level: My Experience

Operation Solid Lives
These combination of words make some church people go weak just by hearing it. Well, if not in your church well then in mine haha! Kidding aside, I too on encountering it was very curious on why do some take this challenge? I mean to what purpose? For who? For the church? For the founder of the program? For business purposes (depends on how you take it)?

Honestly, its reputation from a first timer's view point is that its a terrifying activity/challenge. Why? Because if you'll hear or ask some of the people who tried or accepted it don't want to do it again (It has 5 levels, so you have to take it 5 times and has very strict guidelines to follow. You'll know more as you read on). For others, they say its not for them, its not their thing, or they are too busy to follow it. But there will be some that will say to you that it is life changing, and that would be me.

Let me first explain briefly what this OSL or Operation: Solid Lives - Intense Discipleship Program is.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Wooden Spoon by Chef Sandy Daza: Katipunan Ave. Quezon City: Manila, Philippines: Review

Wooden Spoon by Chef Sandy Daza
With all the fast food restaurants and other foreign influenced cafes conquering the different intersections of our highways, villages and streets in the country, you'll rarely see a good mainly Filipino cuisine based restaurant or eatery that. is making a name for itself.

One of which I think that is rarely to find is this restaurant that we just have recently visited. It has a fine selection of Filipino inspired dishes with some twists on it making it very nice and unique. It covers a wide selection of mouth-watering Filipino food menu at reasonable prices. It is located in front of one of the most prestigious universities here in the Philippines which is "Ateneo de Manila University" and in one of the most popular highway strips in Quezon City which is in "Katipunan Avenue" (by the way, there is another branch in Rockwell but I haven't tried it yet). This may not be new for the past and current students of both great universities of "Ateneo" and the "University of the Philippines" or UP since it is quite near their location but for some this may already be a discovery of a new food treat.

Monday, 12 May 2014

7 Words You Can Say To Have That Perfect Smile In Front Of The Camera: You'll Not See The Last Recommendation Coming

Most people say that the perfect smile of a person is achieved when the lips form the ark shape with only the upper teeth seen (they as well call it the "celebrity smile"). While others experiment their own version of smiles, a lot has became popular already like the half smile for the guys who they say makes them look "cooler" and "hotter". And the no teeth smile for the girls who they say makes them look more cute and adorable.

One of the positive sayings that we have about smiles is that "Smiles are a glimpse of how wonderful that person can be as well in the inside". So, who wouldn't want to make their smiles better, ei?

Thursday, 8 May 2014

List Of Over-The-Counter Payment Facilities in Manila, Philippines: Money Transfer & Payment Method Option

I believe that as of the moment, Over-The-Counter method is the 2nd most preferred way of payment by Filipinos - that is before cash on delivery. I think this is due to that we have a physical point of transaction to base with not like via online purchases using a credit card where fraud is more likely to happen and everything is virtual. When we want to check, verify or follow-up our payment(s) done, we can go back there, find the person who received it and/or point the responsibility to that establishment/business when something goes with it either good or bad.

List Of Banks In Manila, Philippines: Savings, Accounts and Investments

When I was younger (I meant below 20's here), I really do not find bank services that significant. I told myself that when I'll save money, I can just store them in our house or in any of my secret places. But when it got big, that is where the time I appreciated banks. That storing sleeping money can be of something than nothing (If you have no time for it) with a lot of security than the 4 corners of your house, plus their other services like investments, loans, etc..

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

List Of Credit Card Transaction Processors In Manila, Philippines: Local And International Billings And Payments

Well, I was not trained to use credit cards due to some risks involve that are very serious when not paid attention to. Although there is still a part of me that says it also has perks and using it can give you specific advantages like purchasing things online in a more convenient manner (since it is the most preferred way of payment method using the internet medium), accumulated bonuses, and more..

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

List Of Courier Services In Manila, Philippines: Local And International Shipments Or Deliveries

Planning to send items nationwide or even abroad? From my previous work, we send things through couriers which are very convenient and prefer the most appropriate one by matching it from the said transaction/destination. Of course that is after comparing rates between each delivery's location from and to using a given courier. In here, I'll just give you the list of option where you can do just that.

Monday, 5 May 2014

List Of Group Buying Sites In Manila, Philippines: Online Coupons, Discounts & Vouchers

Can anyone tell me if you guys know someone who doesn't want to have at the least 50% discount on what they are buying to? Group buying sites become popular years ago because of its irresistible offers of catering products and services with very high discounts. Presently, a number of group buying sites are still existing and most of them are the ones who survived the tight competition. Here are some of them:

List Of Shopping Sites In Manila, Philippines: General Category: Online Malls

Some of us, especially the working class population sometimes do not have time anymore to go at malls and buy stuffs that we need or want due to time constraint. I just recently have gotten to this trend of buying things online and they are not that bad. Actually, I see them very convenient if you just know what to do and what to expect. From my previous posts of listing the pizza chains and fast food brands that do deliver from taking orders online, here is the list for the general merchandise category.

Friday, 2 May 2014

List Of Online Buy & Sell Sites In Manila, Philippines: PH Buy and Sell Internet Market

Hey guys, I'll be listing below some sites where you can either buy and/or sell stuffs online. The category is quite limitless, from rare items to real estate, cars, business places, and even your second hand items to third as long as someone wants it.

List Of Mobile Payment Transaction Processors In Manila, Philippines

Since a lot of new payment methods are coming out (which I will post soon enough as well), let me just share you these information where you can find out more about the mobile transaction processors in our country. Basically right now, there are just two major and popular processors which are the following: 

List Of Bakeshop In Manila That Can Receive Online Deliveries and bring them Right At Your Own Doorstep

Here is a list of bakeshops in the Philippines that do take online orders and deliver. As I create the same list for fast food chains and pizza chains, might as well have this as Filipinos love pastries such as bread and other foods in the same category. Enjoy!

Thursday, 1 May 2014

5 Things To Like About Seoul, Korea: Annyeong-Haseyo: I Heart Korea

Korean Flag
Things to love about Korea
As part of my bucket list, one of the countries I wanted to visit is Korea. I have been to Incheon Airport once but that was only a stop over for a United States business trip. That time, funny as it seems, I was already thinking of some ways to even just have a few steps outside the airport to feel what it feels like standing on any part of Korean land. But I never had a chance (of course, aside from that it is forbidden due to that it is only a connecting flight, I did not want to risk for our team to have any inconveniences since it was for an important business trip).

So I am writing this article to remind myself in the future that I once have wanted and appreciated some items on the given list below that can be found in Korea.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

List Of Pizza Chains In Manila That Is Open For Online Deliveries Right At Your Own Doorstep

As one of the most liked food anywhere in the world, who wouldn't know a pizza. Now, there are just a few clicks away or even just a call for them to be delivered right at your specified place.

Friday, 25 April 2014

List Of Fast Food Chains In The Philippines That Accepts Online Orders And Delivers Right At Your Doorstep

As a self-proclaimed fast food lover as myself, this list helps me very much to be reminded when I am looking for the major brands of the said businesses that has a service on taking orders online and food deliveries right at our doorstep.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

What Is The Difference Between Wealth And Income: Which Is Better To Increase: Wealth VS Income: Source Of Money Priority Tip

Wealth VS Income
Before I pose any articles about money saving tips, of course we need to tackle the basics first. We need to know the difference between wealth and income. We do know that they both refer to money but how can they be classified if they fall on to wealth or money? So lets start..

Wealth, wealth is money that is saved or stored. It is already earned and can be used anytime by its owner: While for Income, income is a value of money that is designated to be earned at any given point in time. It usually is a specific amount of money that is acquired in cycles of period.

We usually say that a man is wealthy when he already have earned a lot, it can be in any form of means especially money like winning in a lottery. And we often label people that have prestigious jobs like doctors and lawyers that they are high income earners because they have continuously high amount of salary every month or year. See the difference?

So now, which do you think is better: Having more wealth or having a high salary?
Lets take the listed factors one by one:

Saturday, 12 April 2014

5 Things To Know Why Do You Need To Market Online

Why not market online too
Encouraging phrase: "Even though your steps are tiny, you are always ahead of all the others who does not do them"

Summarized them on 5 aspects:

1. SEO/SEM Optimization - Investing or seeding on Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing through blogs is one of the most effective way of enhancing your online marketability. If you want to develop your online presence, do not wait later for your success to happen, be featured now!

*Includes: Brand awareness - Where learning about your product or service starts.

2. Increase Credibility and Reliability - Developing the aspect of these 2 factors are very essential for online information. When blogs write about your products and/or services, of course they add value to it making it more valid and real (especially when someone has written about trying or experiencing it).

*Includes: Building Reputation - Often or philosophical, stronger positive reputation is proportion to generally great performance.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Its Either You Love Or Hate Roller Coaster Theme Parks: How To Overcome Fear on Scary Theme Park Rides

Space Shuttle in Enchanted Kingdom theme park
When I was a kid, I still remember of being afraid when riding even on small Ferris Wheels at local carnivals. Though I already love the small caterpillar rides back then because of its speed, but generally when it comes to rides that has great heights scares me. One of the experiences that I will never forget was riding a small Ferris Wheel in our high school fair, it made my knees shake where it came to a point that I cannot control it anymore. I was just looking down the whole time and was waiting for it to stop. It was going faster than I expected and thought I can overcome it, but fear crumbled and made me decide to not ride rides like that anymore. And to think of it, the Ferris Wheel was just approximately like 50ft high only.

But now, it is a different ball game between me VS any other theme park rides. I enjoy adrenaline rush moments by riding the fastest, tallest or even the scariest rides available to ride on. It gives a different feeling of an unexplainable excitement and satisfaction especially after, where you can say to yourself and to others that you already overcame it.

Roller Coasters are one of the main attractions in theme park that can give this kind of rush and excitement. Join me by reading this article as I share my own experiences on how I overcame specific fears, and in return giving me experiences that few had dare to have.

Monday, 7 April 2014

One Of My Most Scariest Plane Ride As Of The Moment: An Experience Never To Forget

Plane ride above the clouds
Plane rides: Can either be the best or the worst, agree?
I consider riding planes a privilege because for most common people, it is seldom to be experienced. Though I honestly only enjoy plane trips when the travel time is long due to that media screens are available for multi-purpose entertainment: I enjoy advanced screening of specific movies because not all movies are released in each countries on the same dates: I can enjoy the music of other countries especially on what airline you are riding in (If it is Korean airlines, Korean music like K-Pop songs are available, If it is Philippines airlines, Filipino musics such as "OPM" or Original Pinoy songs are there: You can as well watch dramas, cartoons, other views from the planes perspective and many  more other things..) Not to forget the plane food! : )

I am fond of watching some National Geographic Channel series of aircraft investigations in the thought of what if it might happen to me one time, what should I do then? How do I react? or Can I do anything about it? Knowing that there are more chances of being hit by a lightning than experience a plane crash, this issue still bugs me because thinking of the situation that there is still a chance for it to happen is present. Especially that your movements are limited because you are so high up in the air and the situation is very very uncommon.

Not that I think of this every time I ride a plane but because I have experienced already an ultra nervous and heart-stopping moment once. And the story started like this..

How Can One Say That A Movie Is Good: Review of Reviews and Ratings

MARVEL super heroes themed party
Meet the new MARVEL super heroes. Kazzam! HAHA! Can you guess roles?
Me and my family went on for a dinner at a local mall near our place and decided to watch a movie after. My dad has assigned me in advance to check out the movies that was available for that day to know what are the good ones. Seeing the list, I am kind of torn to recommend either Captain America - The Winter Soldier or The Son of Man movie. But what I told him is that the ratings of the movie Captain America was far better than The Son of Man. And so we decided to watch Captain America that time.

To tell you honestly, I got bored watching the first movie of Captain America making my expectations on viewing this Winter Soldier part very low. Little that I know of is that we was there to watch an awesome, super cool and very inspiring movie. Now I am here thinking on what specific details made me like it and how did the ratings affect it. So how can really one say that a movie is good?

Sunday, 6 April 2014

3 Great Reasons Why You Need To Write: Writing Perks And Benefits

Why you need to write
A photo taken from our memorable care circle Christmas party
I myself is not a good writer and does not like writing growing-up. I honestly dislike reading books especially when it is for an assignment in school or in college. And that is why I did not take any course related to it (I am more into numbers actually making my favorite subject Math when I was still in elementary days). Plus one more thing, proof-reading does not like.. or may be its the other way around. Haha!

But getting in the age of 20's, I suddenly feel the urge of making records on the stuffs that happen because I find it now very significant. I actually do take a good amount of pictures especially when I was going through my high school days but writing was a big no no, too lazy to write anything. College and working days were busy times especially when you need to multi-task, so time for writing was a bit evasive. But now that I have more time for it, let me take this opportunity to share with you guys on why I think writing is generally important:

Friday, 4 April 2014

TCAT PH: Group Buying Site: Discounts & Vouchers: Makati City, Philippines: Review

TCAT: How it works banner: print screen
TCAT: How it works banner: print screen
Spend your hard eared money wisely. Be efficient on purchasing things that you only need, wants are just bonuses if ever you have some extra (and that is after you deduct all your expenses plus savings). We always encounter these kinds of topics in financial talks and seminars. Such themes that are easy to chew and often encountered but the ones that are not usually applied.

As the year of group buying sites come and continue to nourish, so much new ones has popped out but few are expected to remain. Credibility and reliability are very very essential factors in this kind of market as trustworthiness plays a big part in its process. Group buying sites are one of the few places where customers enjoy the fruit of their money as they avail most likely at least 50% discounts on given products and services from the site's partners.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

DoShots Photobooth: Marikina/Makati City, Philippines: Photo Booth / Flipbook Rental

DoShots photobooh set-up
Actual photo booth set-up
Everybody loves to take pictures and we are pretty much sure of that. It can either be capturing photos of yourself or other things. Who does not want to have a good remembrance of the good or even the bad happenings in once life. In the end, reminiscing your past is a privilege that not all of us have the capacity to do (especially the significant events to capture). Once you have reached a matured age, one of the things you will treasure are your old pictures (just as we see in the movies).

I myself being exposed in the photo and imaging industry not only in the country but the world, is compared to matter or energy: It does not get smaller but is getting bigger every minute. The photo and imaging industry grows as our population grows but not necessarily in the same form, it can be in tangible forms like print outs, framed pictures or in carved objects, while intangible in the forms of soft copy files, digital albums, etc..

As the generation 2000 continues to change the norms of taking pictures manually from old-styled cameras to automated sensing of people's smiles and faces, the technology is pushing the development of this said industry to a revolutionary change that will bring its future into an exciting one.

Monday, 31 March 2014

ZALORA PH: The ultimate online shopping center for fashion in Asia: Manila, Philippines: Review

ZALORA Philippines: March 2014: Screenshot
ZALORA Philippines: March 2014: Screenshot
Isn't it true on what they say that there's always a first time for everything, whether it is doing, experiencing,  being in a state of or having something new? And most probably, its future depended on what was your initial experience like: If it was bad, most likely is that you will no longer do it again. But if it was good, well then congratulations on finding a new friend, hobby or even a passion. 

Extremities are very interesting to tackle as it selects a side instantly. It is either you love it very much or you hate it deeply. One good example here is preference in sports. They often say that in the early stages of life especially the first encounter of any sport to a young person, the sport that is most likely to be developed is the one that he or she likes from the start or was exposed to. And is rarely to develop the others that he or she doesn't like before (If you think of it and asses it to yourself or even to your friends and others, higher percentages are that it is true or it applies, cool isn't it?).

Sunday, 30 March 2014

McDonalds PH: McDelivery service: Manila, Philippines: Review

McDelivery Philippines March 2014: Screenshot
McDelivery Philippines March 2014: Screenshot
Nowadays, convenience is one of the biggest effects most developments do to human society. Instant coffee, noodles, information, communication and even instant money can now be accessed with just a few clicks in your computers or mobile phones (Hold on a second and try to think of your life for about 10 or even 5 years ago - if applicable, can you just believe that? That such kind of things will be available after sometime. Crazy right?!). We look on development or should we say making things easier always a good thing most of the time, but just a reminder that in some cases we should also see some of its cons where effects are lethal and changes are slowly felt. Retain this reminder as we connect it towards the end of this feature.

Friday, 28 March 2014

Burger Matsing: Burger chain franchise: Quezon City, Philippines: Review

triple ham burger egg
Burgers has been one of the most favorite food of all-time around the world. With its tender juicy patties and full of flavor toppings and add-ons, it is no wonder that it has been a hit since then. Fast-food chains even compete with the best tasting hamburgers to get the bigger market. They even outdo each other with the coolest and most adorable commercials to capture the attention of more people to patronize their products.

How about you? How much do you like burgers or should we say what do you like most about burgers? 

Some prefer a regular burger without any cheese on it, some do not like putting pickles inside their burgers, and some simply says it just purely tastes great. Many people patronize hamburgers with their own personal reasons. And nowadays, it continues to develop and evolve that we even eat the patty alone without the buns, combining it with different kinds of food like rice. Who knows what is in store for the future of burgers.
But have you ever tried or thought of making business from them? Well here is a chance. Did you even ever know that you can buy a triple patty burger at a cost of nearly P20 only? Or how about a double yummy patty with rice for just P25.. What a treat right?!

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Beeffalo Steakhouse by Hotrocks: Marikina City, Philippines: Review

Beeffalo's yummy ribs
Beeffalo's Ribs
If you will be asked what is your favorite meat of all time is, what would you answer? Is it chicken, beef, turkey, fish, pork or lamb meat? Or may be others that I have not mentioned. For a personal preference and only in terms of availability and experience, I would answer chicken. And that is because it is the type of meat I can proudly say that I have eaten a variety of dishes with plus cooked and served that I was exposed to.

If you think of it, it is only natural that your preference in food dictates what environment you deal with everyday. That is why pleasing a chef can be very difficult in terms of making him say that this particular food taste great. And that is because he had already tasted a variety of food than an average person making his taste buds very delicate and picky on specific flavors. This is where our next restaurant feature made a change in my meat preference and only if available.

If you are searching for another good place to eat in Marikina, well, this city seems to have it all when it comes on satisfying your hungry stomachs and undying appetite. Our family has again stumbled on another emerging steakhouse restaurant near Blue Wave Marikina or commonly known as "Marquinton" where it seems to capture a lot of people's attention not by its appearance by but the taste of its good food.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Bon Doys Chicken Diner: Marikina City, Philippines: Review

Bon Doys: Original Crisy Honey Garlic Chicken
What do you feel when you discovered something new and you know that it has potential to become big someday? You feel excited, you feel spirited and full of mixed emotions whether to share it or just enjoy it to the fullest. Well, I say share it! : )

Personally, when I like something (which is very seldom) whether its a product or a service, I promote it like its mine. I feel the enjoyment of sharing it and a feeling of satisfaction that that feeling is shared with someone else. So now, I would like to feature a local chicken restaurant in our area that will touch your appetite and make your chicken taste bud's standard a bar higher.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Tronix Image Model search: Be on the spotlight: Antipolo City, Philippines: How to join yearly

Tronix Image Model picture 1Isn't it funny that being a good-looking person have so much advantages on "may I say" average looking people. For example: 1) When someone looks up at your information in the internet and got so much information than expected, for good-looking persons they are called "admirer" but for the not so they are called "stalker". 2) Another example is when good-looking people do awkward things, it becomes a trend and other people try to imitate it, but for the not so they are labelled as odd and even crazy. "K-POP moves can attest to this that when K-POP artists do their moves, especially the girls, it looks cute, but for the not so, you be the judge HAHA!" 3) Another is if a good-looking person is not in the mood to do something, they are always given a chance that everyone understand that he or she may be just moody that time (or the standards are just high), but for the not so it is upright concluded already that he is difficult to deal with or he is acting as a prima dona. Interesting isn't it?

It is given and a norm that people assume or even judge others by the way they look. So everyone is expected to fix their image on the outside and act their state. But let us always not forget to maintain greatness in the inside as well. And this is what Tronix Image Model is looking for.

As GMA Network has Star Struck, ABS-CBN has Star Circle Quest and TV 5 has Artista Academy, Innovatronix Inc. presents TRONIX Image model search.

Monday, 17 March 2014

Chiquitos - Not your typical student meals: Asturias St., UST: España, Manila - Philippines: Review

Chiquito's Soy Chicken
Chiquito's Soy Chicken
What is your favorite chicken recipe or meal?

There are a variety of chicken recipes or chicken dishes to choose from: There is fried chicken, roasted chicken, chicken curry, lemon chicken, and more.. But have you tried chicken with white sauce? I know it sounds odd at first that even myself was reluctant to try it. But in this case, you might want to taste it first before judging it.

A mini-carinderia first found in Asturias Street beside the University of Santo Tomas was discovered. With its affordable price of P60 per meal, students dig every food combination it serves as its taste deliver more than its price.

Food business market is very hard to penetrate because of its number of competition, complex factors to review on and its sensitive market demographics. But what does this mini-cainderia has that now its starts to expand its business even though it recently just started?

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Luyong Restaurant: Concepcion I - Marikina: Manila, Philippines: Review

Yang Chow fried rice
Luyong's version of Yang Chow fried rice
Chinese cuisine is one of the favorite foods to be eaten by Filipino people: A fact that we cannot deny since one of the leading fast food brand in the country is a Chinese fast food restaurant. Chinese culture has been an undeniably significant part of the Filipino culture, that whenever you ask a Filipino citizen on what his favorite Filipino food is, chances are that he will be mentioning a food that originated from China (Siomai, Siopao, Pancit and Shanghai are just a few of them). Come on, who doesn't love their flavorful and mouth-watering fried rice.

Every time I go out of the country, once in a while my stomach craves for a nice rice meal or any asian tasting dish. Not that I am saying that I don't love American foods like the burger and the fries, everyone who personally knows me that I order fast food like 2 to 3 times a week or even more. Going back to the topic, this thing just justifies that Chinese cuisine is already a part of the lives of most asian people.

Nuezca Cafe - Purely Organic: Quezon City: Manila, Philippines

Nueza Cafe: Spicy Buffalo Chicken Tenders
It is in every culture that food is included in making it unique. It defines a part of who the people are that belongs to it. As a fellow Filipino citizen, we know that Pinoys love to eat especially in gatherings and family reunions. As the Philippine generation progresses, changes in our eating habits are inevitable.

From eating Balut "Duck eggs" to street foods like fish balls, squid balls and chicken feets, to instant noodles and canned sardines, to fast food deliveries and now to delicate pure organic dishes.

Experts say that in the coming years of 2000's, health will really become literally everyone's wealth. Beauty and healthy products in any form will gain respect in peoples eyes putting health in priority.

With the use of purely organic ingredients, it is assumed to be more healthy in a way that nutrients are sustained in every part of the organic food. The taste will be as natural as it is going to get just like eating fresh fruits and vegetables preserving nature to look and stay good as our bodies are. There are even articles in the internet which are proven that even reaching the age of 80 and more, you can still look at your 30's by eating purely organic foods.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Bobba Jelly Tea and Coffee: Milk tea and Coffee station: Marikina City, Philippines: Review

Bobba Jelly: Tea & Coffee
Bobba Jelly milk tea
Milk tea products has taken generation 2000 by storm. I personally have encountered my first milk tea product when I was in college studying at the University of Santo Tomas. To be honest, at my first experience of having one was quite memorable. It is because I compared its taste with metal, not that I have tasted one already but it really does (especially the after taste). Although it was for free then since my friend just treated me to taste it, I told myself what is it with this drink that a lot of students buy it regularly, I mean like getting addicted on drinking it.

The name of the store was "Simple life" turned "Simple line" for your information (FYI) only.

But guess what happened next, I suddenly craved for it after like a few days. And from then on, I was drinking more milk and more tea ever in my life. I was the one who even encourage and invite my college friends now to buy them HAHA! Although we still do not know what it contains that make every student crazy about it, that even UST doctors have scheduled purchase for them - Rumors then on spread that they are highly good for your health and at the same time tastes good. The news about this product spread like fire via word of reliable mouths that starts to mark its history in many lives.

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Perfect Renders Multimedia Solutions: Antipolo city - Philippines

Perfect Renders - Clients gallery
Clients gallery
Did you know that the actual covering of our special events in life is just as important as the event itself? Yes, you may remember a specific event for the rest of your life but chances are you don't remember the small things that matter anymore as time passes by.

Covering every moment of it give us the opportunity to share it with our friends, family and loved ones. But you have to remember to enjoy that moment as well. Photographers have that kind of attitude to take hundreds or even thousands of photos in a single event but misses the act of experiencing the event itself. And that is why you have to trust a group to do it for you, and not only do it just to get by or simply record it but but does it well.

Friday, 28 February 2014

Kenntoff Fitness Gym by Kenny Santos and Toffi Santos: Antipolo City, Masinag area - Philippines: Review

Kenntoff Fitness Gym with Kenny and Toffi
Kenntoff  Fitness Gym
How can one say that he is fit? Is it by how much muscle he gains? Is it by how buff/ripped he looks? or by how much stamina he has? If I am to answer this, stamina would be the best pick. Would you have chosen the same thing?

The poll: Out of 10 friends, maybe 8 will say that they want to go to the gym but only 4 will try and 1 will continue. How ironic isn't it?

Sharing my personal opinion on this "going to the gym" thing, motivation is what you buy when you go there. You go there to become a better and healthier you. Sharing it (the experience) with your co-gym mates and instructor will push you to concentrate on your goal. You will not be distracted on other things but to do what you have to do, and that is to exercise, lift weights, stretch and focus.
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