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Friday, 28 February 2014

Kenntoff Fitness Gym by Kenny Santos and Toffi Santos: Antipolo City, Masinag area - Philippines: Review

Kenntoff Fitness Gym with Kenny and Toffi
Kenntoff  Fitness Gym
How can one say that he is fit? Is it by how much muscle he gains? Is it by how buff/ripped he looks? or by how much stamina he has? If I am to answer this, stamina would be the best pick. Would you have chosen the same thing?

The poll: Out of 10 friends, maybe 8 will say that they want to go to the gym but only 4 will try and 1 will continue. How ironic isn't it?

Sharing my personal opinion on this "going to the gym" thing, motivation is what you buy when you go there. You go there to become a better and healthier you. Sharing it (the experience) with your co-gym mates and instructor will push you to concentrate on your goal. You will not be distracted on other things but to do what you have to do, and that is to exercise, lift weights, stretch and focus.
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