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Friday, 28 March 2014

Burger Matsing: Burger chain franchise: Quezon City, Philippines: Review

triple ham burger egg
Burgers has been one of the most favorite food of all-time around the world. With its tender juicy patties and full of flavor toppings and add-ons, it is no wonder that it has been a hit since then. Fast-food chains even compete with the best tasting hamburgers to get the bigger market. They even outdo each other with the coolest and most adorable commercials to capture the attention of more people to patronize their products.

How about you? How much do you like burgers or should we say what do you like most about burgers? 

Some prefer a regular burger without any cheese on it, some do not like putting pickles inside their burgers, and some simply says it just purely tastes great. Many people patronize hamburgers with their own personal reasons. And nowadays, it continues to develop and evolve that we even eat the patty alone without the buns, combining it with different kinds of food like rice. Who knows what is in store for the future of burgers.
But have you ever tried or thought of making business from them? Well here is a chance. Did you even ever know that you can buy a triple patty burger at a cost of nearly P20 only? Or how about a double yummy patty with rice for just P25.. What a treat right?!
Now, with all the Burger Machine stands, Angel's Burger outlets and other burger branches that are scattered on the different places around Metro Manila and even the Philippines, we know that there is a market for this burger niche. The question here especially for entrepreneur-minded or business minded people is how to make this opportunity happen for them. Well, this "Monkey" maybe just the one you are looking and waiting for.

Burger Matsing is the hottest 24/7 burger chain that started in Quezon City offering great tasting and very affordable burger products and rice meals on their menu. Burger Matsing serves Hamburger, Ham Sandwich, Cheese Burger, Egg Sandwich, Footlong, Hotdog Sandwich and many many more.

Burger Matsing is not limited to Burgers, it also serves mouth-watering rice meals such as Double Burger Rice, Burger Ham Rice, Double Ham Rice, Burger Egg Rice, and Ham Egg Rice. Burger Matsing also offers Tapa Tamis Anghang, Tapa Klasik, or Longgabites serve together with Egg and Rice.

Burger Matsing branch opens

Ham & egg burger

Double burger double ham egg cheese burger

Coffee at burger matsing

Burger Matsing: Rice meals

Burger Matsing: Rice meals and burgers

With its affordable prices to its good-tasting and super satisfying meals, it continues to grow and serve its expanding market. And now, they want to share this profitable opportunity with tough and brave entrepreneurs who are up for the challenge as they open the business for Franchise.

No business can promise a guarantied success but rest assured that with the right product serving to the right market with sustained enthusiasm of service, success can be at anyone's reach.

Burger Matsing's franchising package costs P150K (Now starts at 50K only!, 10/28/14). Send your franchise application letters to burgermatsing(at)yahoo(dot)com.

Raw shot of a burger matsing burger

Burger Matsing branch on the roll
Have your own Burger Matsing branch now!

I already have tasted some of their burgers and they are quite good. For the price of an average P20, you will feel full even without finishing one (you can even share it with someone) - that time I ordered the triple patty burger with hot sauce. You can even add some add-ons at your own will (of course with a few additional charge). Their menu if filled with jam-packed items where one product is filled with much toppings making your money worth it of the purchase. I personally am planning to have my own branch soon (hopefully), I am just looking for the right place for it.

The business is perfect for high traffic and busy areas where people can take-out a few orders and have a quick snack while on their way to work or school. It is as well recommended to be near high populated organizations or groups like an intersection of a street or village and on some jeepney and tricycle posts.

The business has now 16 (30+, 10/28/14) branches and given the outlets below are the following addresses of the firsts of its branches. You are welcome to visit them:
- Kalayaan Avenue corner Mayaman St.
- Kamuning Road corner Tomas Morato Ave.
- Central Ave. (New Era College)

They accept bulk orders/advance orders for pick up! Don't wait for later and make that monkey move. Own your Burger Matsing branch now.

Carrier Information: Burger Matsing
Address: 2A Kamuning Road Cnr. Tomas Morato Ave., Kamuning, QC, PH 1103
Contact nos.: 0925 894 5637 / 0943 520 1080
Email address: burgermatsing@yahoo.com
Facebook fan page: www.facebook.com/BurgerMatsing
Burger Matsing Logo 
Very affordable and great tasting burgers in one!


  1. Whaaat?! Triple ham and egg burger? This business must be really good to franchise. Would talk talk to my friends about it. I'll be fun to bring this burger chain in Lad Pinas and Cavite. :)

  2. yummy! dinaig pa nya ang jollibee thats amazing foreigners would love this this triple ham!

  3. Wow that looks so delicious! Yes in Cavite like Yamito said. Really wanna try this! :)

  4. Who can resist places like this! Back in high school I couldn't get enough of stores like this because you can't say no to the price! Haha! Hope one opens in UST soon! LOL :)

  5. Unlike other burger stall it looks like Burger Matsing is much better. Sana meron din nito sa Dasma Cavite.

  6. Suki ako ng Angel Burger 2 in a price of 1. But Matsing burger has 3-in1 deal. Ma try na. Is there a branch na ba within Muntinlupa area.

  7. love to try their triple ham and egg burger!. The prices are very affordable.

  8. I like the concept of their store and branding. I hope to see more branches of Burger Matsing.

  9. I think the ham and egg burger is a good breakfast meal for those who are rushing to go to work. :D Heavy na ah!

  10. wow! we are supposed to go to t.morato awhile ago but the weather is unpredictable so we stick around at the mall. probably we might see this when we pursued. :)

  11. I love their take on the burgers.. the burger looks yummy too!

  12. I love this new twist of burger in the market. Love the taste!

  13. The double burger double ham looks so delicious! How I wish I am having one as I type this comment. LOL

  14. laway koooooooooooooooooooooooo


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