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Monday, 31 March 2014

ZALORA PH: The ultimate online shopping center for fashion in Asia: Manila, Philippines: Review

ZALORA Philippines: March 2014: Screenshot
ZALORA Philippines: March 2014: Screenshot
Isn't it true on what they say that there's always a first time for everything, whether it is doing, experiencing,  being in a state of or having something new? And most probably, its future depended on what was your initial experience like: If it was bad, most likely is that you will no longer do it again. But if it was good, well then congratulations on finding a new friend, hobby or even a passion. 

Extremities are very interesting to tackle as it selects a side instantly. It is either you love it very much or you hate it deeply. One good example here is preference in sports. They often say that in the early stages of life especially the first encounter of any sport to a young person, the sport that is most likely to be developed is the one that he or she likes from the start or was exposed to. And is rarely to develop the others that he or she doesn't like before (If you think of it and asses it to yourself or even to your friends and others, higher percentages are that it is true or it applies, cool isn't it?).

This next feature made my first online purchase experience a blast, making it one of the first things that I would consider doing when I need something. And It is by, no other than ZALORA Philippines.

I kept on seeing ZALORA ads and banners already from various websites, blogs and social media platforms. But I never clicked any of it even once then since I am very cautious on the photos and links I click due to a history of being affected by numerous virus that are very very hard to eliminate. I think it took a year before I landed and saw their home page from the day their web shop was launched. And that is only because in that particular time, I needed to buy a new pair of casual shoes and I am too lazy to go out. My old ones are already worn-out and it served me years which is I think is reasonable enough to be replaced.

P250 discount from ZALORA: For first-time orders only
P250 discount from ZALORA: For first-time orders only
So I start browsing their men's shoes section and on dragging my screen below the page, I suddenly saw a P250 discount on anyone's first order which made me encouraged and a bit excited do a purchase with them. All I needed to do was to subscribe and that easy, and so I did and got a specific coupon code. After choosing an easy slip-on (no lace) shoes, I ordered it thru placing it in cart and completely registered an account to check my order out. I placed the coupon code on the given box and I enjoyed the P250 off from my first online purchase, happy customer already LOL! I was really shallow in here because it was my first time on buying anything through the net and the payment term is cash on delivery which made it a lot easier (A trust-free service where customers have the upper hand makes me think that they are very confident on what they do, so two thumbs up for ZALORA on that).

Since then I knew why everyone is impressed with their services especially when the product was delivered. It was exactly what I needed and the shoe size was like tailor-made fit on my feet because there was a guide provided on measuring your feet-size to the shoe you are going to order. Plus it was delivered in less than 3 days (If I remember it correctly). Everything is given and all you need to do is order the right thing and read their terms of service properly so you will know what to expect.

And because my first experience with it was good, my next purchases were as follows:

* On my 2nd order, I enjoyed a free shipping service since it exceeded a P1,000 purchase cap [Buying a fitted shorts and a great shaped polo (which I really enjoy wearing until today)].

* On my 3rd order, I experienced a 20% discount from a holiday promo [Buying another awesome looking shoe and a number of polo shirts and more casual shorts].

* Planning to buy in bulk again anytime soon! Although I am really not into brand buying but enjoying items that are branded in affordable prices is just a shopping treat.

With their super affordable prices on their products, irresistible big discounts applied with their items, a very competitive shipping rate of P100 flat rate fee and high quality designed goods, I think ZALORA is the one to beat in terms of their league being the one stop online shopping destination in Asia.

Visit Zalora now and experience shopping like you have never experienced it before.

Carrier Information: ZALORA Philippines
Website: zalora.com.ph
Contact No.: 858-0777
The one and only one-stop online destination for everyone's everything fashion


  1. Online shopping gives you a lot of choices for the items you want to have. You can shop anytime on your own convenient time. And it is open 24/7. You just need to be extra careful and very detailed when purchasing.

  2. I've already purchased a couple of products from ZALORA and I was never disappointed with my purchases. The quality of their products is superb. Their website is user-friendly and the delivery of the ordered item(s) is very fast. They also offer a lot of discounts through coupon codes. Use ZBAP0PZ to get 15% discount if you are a first time customer :)

  3. Same here. Zalora has a friendly design, which is easy for the customers to find what they want. Also the prices are the same or lesser compare to the retail stores. They also have codes for discounts. I have tried this code ZBAP994I and got 15% discount for my first purchase. Enjoy shopping :)

  4. Hi for new zalora customers/first timers who wants a discount feel free to use this code ZBAP99SW and you can get 15% discount :)

  5. I prefer shopping at www.goods.ph because they have this P100 off on your first purchase using their mobile app. It's cheaper tho


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