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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

List Of Pizza Chains In Manila That Is Open For Online Deliveries Right At Your Own Doorstep

As one of the most liked food anywhere in the world, who wouldn't know a pizza. Now, there are just a few clicks away or even just a call for them to be delivered right at your specified place.

Friday, 25 April 2014

List Of Fast Food Chains In The Philippines That Accepts Online Orders And Delivers Right At Your Doorstep

As a self-proclaimed fast food lover as myself, this list helps me very much to be reminded when I am looking for the major brands of the said businesses that has a service on taking orders online and food deliveries right at our doorstep.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

What Is The Difference Between Wealth And Income: Which Is Better To Increase: Wealth VS Income: Source Of Money Priority Tip

Wealth VS Income
Before I pose any articles about money saving tips, of course we need to tackle the basics first. We need to know the difference between wealth and income. We do know that they both refer to money but how can they be classified if they fall on to wealth or money? So lets start..

Wealth, wealth is money that is saved or stored. It is already earned and can be used anytime by its owner: While for Income, income is a value of money that is designated to be earned at any given point in time. It usually is a specific amount of money that is acquired in cycles of period.

We usually say that a man is wealthy when he already have earned a lot, it can be in any form of means especially money like winning in a lottery. And we often label people that have prestigious jobs like doctors and lawyers that they are high income earners because they have continuously high amount of salary every month or year. See the difference?

So now, which do you think is better: Having more wealth or having a high salary?
Lets take the listed factors one by one:

Saturday, 12 April 2014

5 Things To Know Why Do You Need To Market Online

Why not market online too
Encouraging phrase: "Even though your steps are tiny, you are always ahead of all the others who does not do them"

Summarized them on 5 aspects:

1. SEO/SEM Optimization - Investing or seeding on Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing through blogs is one of the most effective way of enhancing your online marketability. If you want to develop your online presence, do not wait later for your success to happen, be featured now!

*Includes: Brand awareness - Where learning about your product or service starts.

2. Increase Credibility and Reliability - Developing the aspect of these 2 factors are very essential for online information. When blogs write about your products and/or services, of course they add value to it making it more valid and real (especially when someone has written about trying or experiencing it).

*Includes: Building Reputation - Often or philosophical, stronger positive reputation is proportion to generally great performance.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Its Either You Love Or Hate Roller Coaster Theme Parks: How To Overcome Fear on Scary Theme Park Rides

Space Shuttle in Enchanted Kingdom theme park
When I was a kid, I still remember of being afraid when riding even on small Ferris Wheels at local carnivals. Though I already love the small caterpillar rides back then because of its speed, but generally when it comes to rides that has great heights scares me. One of the experiences that I will never forget was riding a small Ferris Wheel in our high school fair, it made my knees shake where it came to a point that I cannot control it anymore. I was just looking down the whole time and was waiting for it to stop. It was going faster than I expected and thought I can overcome it, but fear crumbled and made me decide to not ride rides like that anymore. And to think of it, the Ferris Wheel was just approximately like 50ft high only.

But now, it is a different ball game between me VS any other theme park rides. I enjoy adrenaline rush moments by riding the fastest, tallest or even the scariest rides available to ride on. It gives a different feeling of an unexplainable excitement and satisfaction especially after, where you can say to yourself and to others that you already overcame it.

Roller Coasters are one of the main attractions in theme park that can give this kind of rush and excitement. Join me by reading this article as I share my own experiences on how I overcame specific fears, and in return giving me experiences that few had dare to have.

Monday, 7 April 2014

One Of My Most Scariest Plane Ride As Of The Moment: An Experience Never To Forget

Plane ride above the clouds
Plane rides: Can either be the best or the worst, agree?
I consider riding planes a privilege because for most common people, it is seldom to be experienced. Though I honestly only enjoy plane trips when the travel time is long due to that media screens are available for multi-purpose entertainment: I enjoy advanced screening of specific movies because not all movies are released in each countries on the same dates: I can enjoy the music of other countries especially on what airline you are riding in (If it is Korean airlines, Korean music like K-Pop songs are available, If it is Philippines airlines, Filipino musics such as "OPM" or Original Pinoy songs are there: You can as well watch dramas, cartoons, other views from the planes perspective and many  more other things..) Not to forget the plane food! : )

I am fond of watching some National Geographic Channel series of aircraft investigations in the thought of what if it might happen to me one time, what should I do then? How do I react? or Can I do anything about it? Knowing that there are more chances of being hit by a lightning than experience a plane crash, this issue still bugs me because thinking of the situation that there is still a chance for it to happen is present. Especially that your movements are limited because you are so high up in the air and the situation is very very uncommon.

Not that I think of this every time I ride a plane but because I have experienced already an ultra nervous and heart-stopping moment once. And the story started like this..

How Can One Say That A Movie Is Good: Review of Reviews and Ratings

MARVEL super heroes themed party
Meet the new MARVEL super heroes. Kazzam! HAHA! Can you guess roles?
Me and my family went on for a dinner at a local mall near our place and decided to watch a movie after. My dad has assigned me in advance to check out the movies that was available for that day to know what are the good ones. Seeing the list, I am kind of torn to recommend either Captain America - The Winter Soldier or The Son of Man movie. But what I told him is that the ratings of the movie Captain America was far better than The Son of Man. And so we decided to watch Captain America that time.

To tell you honestly, I got bored watching the first movie of Captain America making my expectations on viewing this Winter Soldier part very low. Little that I know of is that we was there to watch an awesome, super cool and very inspiring movie. Now I am here thinking on what specific details made me like it and how did the ratings affect it. So how can really one say that a movie is good?

Sunday, 6 April 2014

3 Great Reasons Why You Need To Write: Writing Perks And Benefits

Why you need to write
A photo taken from our memorable care circle Christmas party
I myself is not a good writer and does not like writing growing-up. I honestly dislike reading books especially when it is for an assignment in school or in college. And that is why I did not take any course related to it (I am more into numbers actually making my favorite subject Math when I was still in elementary days). Plus one more thing, proof-reading does not like.. or may be its the other way around. Haha!

But getting in the age of 20's, I suddenly feel the urge of making records on the stuffs that happen because I find it now very significant. I actually do take a good amount of pictures especially when I was going through my high school days but writing was a big no no, too lazy to write anything. College and working days were busy times especially when you need to multi-task, so time for writing was a bit evasive. But now that I have more time for it, let me take this opportunity to share with you guys on why I think writing is generally important:

Friday, 4 April 2014

TCAT PH: Group Buying Site: Discounts & Vouchers: Makati City, Philippines: Review

TCAT: How it works banner: print screen
TCAT: How it works banner: print screen
Spend your hard eared money wisely. Be efficient on purchasing things that you only need, wants are just bonuses if ever you have some extra (and that is after you deduct all your expenses plus savings). We always encounter these kinds of topics in financial talks and seminars. Such themes that are easy to chew and often encountered but the ones that are not usually applied.

As the year of group buying sites come and continue to nourish, so much new ones has popped out but few are expected to remain. Credibility and reliability are very very essential factors in this kind of market as trustworthiness plays a big part in its process. Group buying sites are one of the few places where customers enjoy the fruit of their money as they avail most likely at least 50% discounts on given products and services from the site's partners.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

DoShots Photobooth: Marikina/Makati City, Philippines: Photo Booth / Flipbook Rental

DoShots photobooh set-up
Actual photo booth set-up
Everybody loves to take pictures and we are pretty much sure of that. It can either be capturing photos of yourself or other things. Who does not want to have a good remembrance of the good or even the bad happenings in once life. In the end, reminiscing your past is a privilege that not all of us have the capacity to do (especially the significant events to capture). Once you have reached a matured age, one of the things you will treasure are your old pictures (just as we see in the movies).

I myself being exposed in the photo and imaging industry not only in the country but the world, is compared to matter or energy: It does not get smaller but is getting bigger every minute. The photo and imaging industry grows as our population grows but not necessarily in the same form, it can be in tangible forms like print outs, framed pictures or in carved objects, while intangible in the forms of soft copy files, digital albums, etc..

As the generation 2000 continues to change the norms of taking pictures manually from old-styled cameras to automated sensing of people's smiles and faces, the technology is pushing the development of this said industry to a revolutionary change that will bring its future into an exciting one.
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