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Friday, 25 April 2014

List Of Fast Food Chains In The Philippines That Accepts Online Orders And Delivers Right At Your Doorstep

As a self-proclaimed fast food lover as myself, this list helps me very much to be reminded when I am looking for the major brands of the said businesses that has a service on taking orders online and food deliveries right at our doorstep.

Jollibee delivery [http://jollibeedelivery.com/]
Hotline No. 8-7000
Jollibee delivery

McDonald's McDelivery [https://mcdonalds.com.ph/]
Hotline No. 8-6236
McDelivery logo

KFC delivery (Kentucky Fried Chicken) [https://kfcdelivery.com.ph/]
Hotline No. 887-8888
KFC delivery logo

Chowking delivery [http://chowkingdelivery.com/]
Hotline Nos. 9-88-88 (Metro Manila) - 343-8888 (Cebu)
Chowking delivery logo

Wendy's delivery [http://wendys.com.ph/delivery/]
Hotline No. 533-3333 (Metro Manila)
Wendy's delivery logo


Burger King delivery [NA]
Hotline Nos. 667-7171
Burger King delivery logo

Teriyaki Boy delivery [http://teriyakiboy.com.ph/order-online/]
Hotline No. 588-2468

 Let me know if there are anymore fast food chains that do deliver and I'll add it on the list.


  1. Thanks for posting this! My family loves ordering food in so this is very helpful! Will try to order from other fast food chains soon. Lagi nalang kaming McDo, Pizza Hut and KFC.

  2. This is really helpful as we need to order online from time to time.

  3. This is so helpful!!!! Will surely try this!

  4. Ohhh, thanks for this. I had some epic fails on food deliveries. :)

  5. Online order is definitely a good thing in life. It is one of the innovations that we should be thankful about especially after a tiring day. ^_^

  6. Hi, Just want to find out, If I'm outside Philippines and holding a Non-Philippine issued Credit Card, would it be possible for me make an order to be delivered on my local address in Philippines and while I pay online. Thanks

    1. Yes, can try to go to site: http://www.citydelivery.ph/

    2. I tried ordering from Shakeys ph. and used Paypal.

    3. Max's definitely lets you do that

  7. thank you for your info

  8. I just want to ask if it is possible if I am here in the Philippines and I will pay my order thru paypal. Thanks!

  9. I'm from Vancouver and I've tried Shakey's pizza delivery which was great, I didn't need to create an account and I managed to order food and surprise a friend of mine. I paid using paypal.

    my problem with the other companies are they require for you to create an account and have a Philippine cellphone number for confirmation which I don't have.

    So right now my only choice to surprise friends and relatives to bring food to them while i'm overseas is Shakey's.


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