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Saturday, 12 April 2014

5 Things To Know Why Do You Need To Market Online

Why not market online too
Encouraging phrase: "Even though your steps are tiny, you are always ahead of all the others who does not do them"

Summarized them on 5 aspects:

1. SEO/SEM Optimization - Investing or seeding on Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing through blogs is one of the most effective way of enhancing your online marketability. If you want to develop your online presence, do not wait later for your success to happen, be featured now!

*Includes: Brand awareness - Where learning about your product or service starts.

2. Increase Credibility and Reliability - Developing the aspect of these 2 factors are very essential for online information. When blogs write about your products and/or services, of course they add value to it making it more valid and real (especially when someone has written about trying or experiencing it).

*Includes: Building Reputation - Often or philosophical, stronger positive reputation is proportion to generally great performance.

3. Wider Market Reach - When blogs write about your product/service, immediately you already have tapped a new, different and more market at the same time. It is like hitting 3 birds with one stone. You will get the attention of the blog's subscriber, meaning fresh and more leads for you.

* Includes: Spreading your content - The more people knows what you provide, then the more people are more likely to share it.

4. More Links - The more links from other websites such as blogs going towards your own information, the more people gets to visit and know your product/service. And automatically, the more visitors or people who knows your product or service, the more chance you get your product/service (brand) be engaged.

* Includes: Better website performance (if applicable) or more guided links and information optimization.

5. Connecting Keywords - When a blog writes about your product or service, it creates new set of key words to link in to your brand - Making the scope of your keyword coverage larger and better.


  1. Online marketing has indeed evolved. We are on an era where everybody go online to read, socialize and study. Having knowledge on how to strengthen your online presence will really help you introduce your products and services to your target market.

  2. We really need to market online its because a FREE Online Marketing can do a better job. Just like when you want to buy something online, just click the link and you have it by online grocery you can buy goodies quick and easy.

    Good points here and I agree to that, especially point number 3. In giving product reviews you have an easy access to the links given to the site and good product review means more customers buying that product. So I think, that is how some advertisers and sponsors choose bloggers to review their products.

  3. Thanks for reminding me this again. There are just too many things you should do for your blog or website to be successful. Hopefully, the hardwork will pay off. ;) Great tips, by the way.

  4. Blogs has really grown to be an excellent way to promote products.


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