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Friday, 4 April 2014

TCAT PH: Group Buying Site: Discounts & Vouchers: Makati City, Philippines: Review

TCAT: How it works banner: print screen
TCAT: How it works banner: print screen
Spend your hard eared money wisely. Be efficient on purchasing things that you only need, wants are just bonuses if ever you have some extra (and that is after you deduct all your expenses plus savings). We always encounter these kinds of topics in financial talks and seminars. Such themes that are easy to chew and often encountered but the ones that are not usually applied.

As the year of group buying sites come and continue to nourish, so much new ones has popped out but few are expected to remain. Credibility and reliability are very very essential factors in this kind of market as trustworthiness plays a big part in its process. Group buying sites are one of the few places where customers enjoy the fruit of their money as they avail most likely at least 50% discounts on given products and services from the site's partners.
One of the few group buying sites that I have encountered that is I think reliable and have good service is TCAT Philippines.

My first purchase from their site was quite sometime already (may be a year or two) and the good relationship that they have established from then on is until now sustained. What I remember as of now is our purchase of a sauna belt HAHA! That was an experience buying a weight-loosing gadget because me and my cousin was trying to loose weight given our hectic schedules. So we were convinced and encouraged to buy it since the shipping fee was for an affordable price plus the discount you get from the deal was quite good.

We do not have any credit card to buy it online so having an "OTC" or "over-the-counter" method of payment is a great help especially to customers who are not that used to on buying stuffs online. So after making an account, placing an order and checking it out, we paid through a 7-Eleven branch that was only a two-minute walk from our house. Then, after 3-5 days of waiting that was written in their terms of delivery, we were enjoying the belts already (updates were given through my registered email address. It includes the tracking no. and they are quick to answer our questions about the order).

And not only that, they have so much variety of deals to offer. Some categories are as follows:
TCAT Banner: Tour packages

TCAT Banner: Smart Buying 

TCAT Banner: Food and Restaurant discounts

TCAT Banner: Service vouchers
So after our order, of course more followed. And until now, I always do look in their website for interesting items and services to avail (But I only purchase when I have some extra money to use). Payment facilities will not be a problem for everyone since they have  almost every method you can think of, via credit card, PayPal, OTC, Bank transfer, Bank deposit, and more through PesoPay services.

TCAT: Payment footer

They are one of the few who survived the competition of group buying sites in the country and is until now growing. I already do not question that because satisfying their clients is one of their good qualities they have (Then, the rest will follow). If you are familiar with the saying of a married man which is "Happy wife, Happy life", in business we also have the version of it which is "Happy customer, Business better". And I mean this in an all positive perspective. : )

So if you want to maximize and enjoy your purchases without any guilt after, try TCAT!

Carrier: TCAT Philippines
Website: tcat.com.ph
Main office address: SoOne Inc, 10th floor Pacific Star Building, Makati Avenue corner Gil Puyat Avenue, Makati City - Philippines
Contact Nos: 555 1070, 555 1160 or 555 1123
For Inquiries, operating hours: Mon. to Sat. 9:00am to 5:00pm
Fax No.: 224-2091


  1. TCAT deals are great. These 90% discount is simply inviting. Thanks for sharing

  2. A nice way of transacting business online, and I'm glad that you trusted them. Well, some people don't trusts online buying but OTC method.

  3. it is one of the best ways to make business and trusting them is really not difficult!

  4. I just heard of this site just now. That's good to know that there are lots of discount in this group buying site.

  5. I would have to agree Happy Customer, Better Business as they are the one who bring in the business.

  6. i have received an email about this but I already forgot whats in the email haha. anyways group buying would be a nice tactics though business like this sounds hard for me! the discounts sounds amazing too! x0~ www.tauyanm.com

  7. This is the first time I heard about this site and I would like to try it someday! :D

  8. With the heat scorching everyday, this is the best way to search for summer OOTDs and beach summer essentials! :)

  9. This is nice. There's a lot of group buying sites nowadays. I just hope TCAT will be able t sustain its market.


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