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Thursday, 22 May 2014

Wooden Spoon by Chef Sandy Daza: Katipunan Ave. Quezon City: Manila, Philippines: Review

Wooden Spoon by Chef Sandy Daza
With all the fast food restaurants and other foreign influenced cafes conquering the different intersections of our highways, villages and streets in the country, you'll rarely see a good mainly Filipino cuisine based restaurant or eatery that. is making a name for itself.

One of which I think that is rarely to find is this restaurant that we just have recently visited. It has a fine selection of Filipino inspired dishes with some twists on it making it very nice and unique. It covers a wide selection of mouth-watering Filipino food menu at reasonable prices. It is located in front of one of the most prestigious universities here in the Philippines which is "Ateneo de Manila University" and in one of the most popular highway strips in Quezon City which is in "Katipunan Avenue" (by the way, there is another branch in Rockwell but I haven't tried it yet). This may not be new for the past and current students of both great universities of "Ateneo" and the "University of the Philippines" or UP since it is quite near their location but for some this may already be a discovery of a new food treat.

Monday, 12 May 2014

7 Words You Can Say To Have That Perfect Smile In Front Of The Camera: You'll Not See The Last Recommendation Coming

Most people say that the perfect smile of a person is achieved when the lips form the ark shape with only the upper teeth seen (they as well call it the "celebrity smile"). While others experiment their own version of smiles, a lot has became popular already like the half smile for the guys who they say makes them look "cooler" and "hotter". And the no teeth smile for the girls who they say makes them look more cute and adorable.

One of the positive sayings that we have about smiles is that "Smiles are a glimpse of how wonderful that person can be as well in the inside". So, who wouldn't want to make their smiles better, ei?

Thursday, 8 May 2014

List Of Over-The-Counter Payment Facilities in Manila, Philippines: Money Transfer & Payment Method Option

I believe that as of the moment, Over-The-Counter method is the 2nd most preferred way of payment by Filipinos - that is before cash on delivery. I think this is due to that we have a physical point of transaction to base with not like via online purchases using a credit card where fraud is more likely to happen and everything is virtual. When we want to check, verify or follow-up our payment(s) done, we can go back there, find the person who received it and/or point the responsibility to that establishment/business when something goes with it either good or bad.

List Of Banks In Manila, Philippines: Savings, Accounts and Investments

When I was younger (I meant below 20's here), I really do not find bank services that significant. I told myself that when I'll save money, I can just store them in our house or in any of my secret places. But when it got big, that is where the time I appreciated banks. That storing sleeping money can be of something than nothing (If you have no time for it) with a lot of security than the 4 corners of your house, plus their other services like investments, loans, etc..

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

List Of Credit Card Transaction Processors In Manila, Philippines: Local And International Billings And Payments

Well, I was not trained to use credit cards due to some risks involve that are very serious when not paid attention to. Although there is still a part of me that says it also has perks and using it can give you specific advantages like purchasing things online in a more convenient manner (since it is the most preferred way of payment method using the internet medium), accumulated bonuses, and more..

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

List Of Courier Services In Manila, Philippines: Local And International Shipments Or Deliveries

Planning to send items nationwide or even abroad? From my previous work, we send things through couriers which are very convenient and prefer the most appropriate one by matching it from the said transaction/destination. Of course that is after comparing rates between each delivery's location from and to using a given courier. In here, I'll just give you the list of option where you can do just that.

Monday, 5 May 2014

List Of Group Buying Sites In Manila, Philippines: Online Coupons, Discounts & Vouchers

Can anyone tell me if you guys know someone who doesn't want to have at the least 50% discount on what they are buying to? Group buying sites become popular years ago because of its irresistible offers of catering products and services with very high discounts. Presently, a number of group buying sites are still existing and most of them are the ones who survived the tight competition. Here are some of them:

List Of Shopping Sites In Manila, Philippines: General Category: Online Malls

Some of us, especially the working class population sometimes do not have time anymore to go at malls and buy stuffs that we need or want due to time constraint. I just recently have gotten to this trend of buying things online and they are not that bad. Actually, I see them very convenient if you just know what to do and what to expect. From my previous posts of listing the pizza chains and fast food brands that do deliver from taking orders online, here is the list for the general merchandise category.

Friday, 2 May 2014

List Of Online Buy & Sell Sites In Manila, Philippines: PH Buy and Sell Internet Market

Hey guys, I'll be listing below some sites where you can either buy and/or sell stuffs online. The category is quite limitless, from rare items to real estate, cars, business places, and even your second hand items to third as long as someone wants it.

List Of Mobile Payment Transaction Processors In Manila, Philippines

Since a lot of new payment methods are coming out (which I will post soon enough as well), let me just share you these information where you can find out more about the mobile transaction processors in our country. Basically right now, there are just two major and popular processors which are the following: 

List Of Bakeshop In Manila That Can Receive Online Deliveries and bring them Right At Your Own Doorstep

Here is a list of bakeshops in the Philippines that do take online orders and deliver. As I create the same list for fast food chains and pizza chains, might as well have this as Filipinos love pastries such as bread and other foods in the same category. Enjoy!

Thursday, 1 May 2014

5 Things To Like About Seoul, Korea: Annyeong-Haseyo: I Heart Korea

Korean Flag
Things to love about Korea
As part of my bucket list, one of the countries I wanted to visit is Korea. I have been to Incheon Airport once but that was only a stop over for a United States business trip. That time, funny as it seems, I was already thinking of some ways to even just have a few steps outside the airport to feel what it feels like standing on any part of Korean land. But I never had a chance (of course, aside from that it is forbidden due to that it is only a connecting flight, I did not want to risk for our team to have any inconveniences since it was for an important business trip).

So I am writing this article to remind myself in the future that I once have wanted and appreciated some items on the given list below that can be found in Korea.
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