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Thursday, 1 May 2014

5 Things To Like About Seoul, Korea: Annyeong-Haseyo: I Heart Korea

Korean Flag
Things to love about Korea
As part of my bucket list, one of the countries I wanted to visit is Korea. I have been to Incheon Airport once but that was only a stop over for a United States business trip. That time, funny as it seems, I was already thinking of some ways to even just have a few steps outside the airport to feel what it feels like standing on any part of Korean land. But I never had a chance (of course, aside from that it is forbidden due to that it is only a connecting flight, I did not want to risk for our team to have any inconveniences since it was for an important business trip).

So I am writing this article to remind myself in the future that I once have wanted and appreciated some items on the given list below that can be found in Korea.
1. The cold weather - Coming from a tropical climate country like the Philippines, most of us wanted a colder environment (aside from that we only have 2 seasons which are wet and dry, it will be something new for us to see especially the snowy regions).

2. The food - I have watched a few shows in some education channels that some of their local foods are very complicated to do but are made with their hearts. They say that some of the Korean food may take sometime before it can be eaten but once available, they are rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients. I personally have tried "bebeem bop" which is like a Korean rice mix that has a very different taste along with some Kimchi (which I heard was very very healthy to eat). I honestly did not like the taste but the experience of tasting something new was good enough for me.

3. The music - I am still amazed on how they actually are continuing to get the hearts of other people especially from other countries to like Korean songs even if they do not know what they are saying or what it means. I guess this just proves even more that music is a global thing or medium that can connect people even from the most different corners of our planet. Psy's "Gangnam Style" and "Gentleman" can attest to this.

4. The people - I think Koreans have attained a unique Asian look which is very distinct from others in a very good way. Most of them has young and pleasant-looking faces, adorable characteristics and great talents. Such traits makes them very charismatic and easy-to-love when it comes to different industries. K-Pop is a good example for this, aside from their music they are also known for having good looks and pretty faces such as Super Junior, Girls' Generation and other Korean groups.

5. The shows - This one is a discovery for me that started from riding a Korean plane. Since Korean movies are available there, I had some opportunity to watch a few of them and they are quite very nice. Most story lines are plotted well and was intelligently made. If I remember it right, that time I was able to watch the movies like "Mama", "Secretly, Greatly" & "Blind". With this, more shows came that I was able to completely finish watching "Full House", "Coffee Prince", "My Girl" & "My Love From The Star". I find their acting very effective because of its natural ways & actions.
Some minor things that I have known for quite a while now about Korea is that they have fast internet connection and their delivery services are quite advanced. I am very interested to learn more about them and having the chance to do so would be a blast!


  1. My dream is to visit Korea one day and your post makes me wants to visit even more.

  2. Me too, I really really want to visit South Korea.... The girls are cute, the boys too.... aw :D I want to know, how to make SKorea a great country

  3. I've visited that place...but only for 30 minutes since it was a stopover. What I appreciate about the Koreans here is how patriotic they are with their own products. How I wish Filipinos are more like that.

  4. I have a brother who is based in Seoul, he talked much about Korean foods. Masarap daw. Korean movies or telenovela, they are fun to watch.

  5. This makes me want to visit Korea I've always wanted to visit Korea though.


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