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Monday, 12 May 2014

7 Words You Can Say To Have That Perfect Smile In Front Of The Camera: You'll Not See The Last Recommendation Coming

Most people say that the perfect smile of a person is achieved when the lips form the ark shape with only the upper teeth seen (they as well call it the "celebrity smile"). While others experiment their own version of smiles, a lot has became popular already like the half smile for the guys who they say makes them look "cooler" and "hotter". And the no teeth smile for the girls who they say makes them look more cute and adorable.

One of the positive sayings that we have about smiles is that "Smiles are a glimpse of how wonderful that person can be as well in the inside". So, who wouldn't want to make their smiles better, ei?
Usually when taking photos, the photographer ask the subjects to say "cheese!". Why is that? It is because it helps make the subject to project a great smile (again it only helps, it does not mean that if you say it you'll have a perfect one). But have you ever thought of more words to say to be able to produce one? So let's start the list..

Don't forget that when pronouncing these words, make sure to follow it through with your best smile.

1. Say "Smile!" - The classic.
(Recommended for formal themed shoots)

2. Say "Hi!" - Very simple but effective.
(Recommended for general themed shoots)

3. Say "Scream!" - This one came from the movie "Monster University", how cool when I tried saying it. You must prolong the smile when you reach saying the part of the word between the "e" and "a" then look at the mirror HAHA!
(Recommended for fun and wacky themed shots)

4. Say "Gray!" - Odd but helps.
(Recommended for color lovers or kids)

5. Say "Cupcake!" - If you wonder where to sustain the smile here, its between the second "c" and "a".
(Recommended for food lovers or long photo shoots)

6. Say "Hey!" - Perfect to lighten-up the mood of everyone around and be funky for a bit.
(Recommended for casual themed shots)

7. Say "Baby!" - Who wouldn't smile saying this word right?
(Recommended for cute themed shoots)

There is one more thing you can try. Think of a person, item or concept that makes you happy and either say it aloud or just within your mind then try to smile genuinely. Genuine smiles are the best smiles to produce most of my friends say. Try it and let me know what you think.

Actually there are more to be added on the list, when I remember them I will. But do let me know if you have encountered more words to say on helping others to produce a great smile. Feel free to comment them below too.


  1. Awesome motivation during picture taking to lessen self-conscious thing.

  2. Say baby would definitely make you smile when facing the camera.

  3. These are nice tips to get the best smiles from friends and family.

  4. Say cheese, is another word to add.

  5. Using words other than "cheese" is what this blog is all about. The most natural-looking smile seems to come from the word "hi" or "haha". Other words like "love" and "love" seem to evoke a natural smile as well simply just hearing them. 😃😍


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