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Thursday, 8 May 2014

List Of Banks In Manila, Philippines: Savings, Accounts and Investments

When I was younger (I meant below 20's here), I really do not find bank services that significant. I told myself that when I'll save money, I can just store them in our house or in any of my secret places. But when it got big, that is where the time I appreciated banks. That storing sleeping money can be of something than nothing (If you have no time for it) with a lot of security than the 4 corners of your house, plus their other services like investments, loans, etc..

I decided to have a list of the banks I know in case you are thinking of options where to put your money/savings. I find this issue important in the sense that more or likely you will be doing hundreds to thousands of transaction with these banks for years.

Banco De Oro (BDO) [https://www.bdo.com.ph/personal]
Banco De Oro logo

Bank of the Philippines Islands (BPI) [https://www.bpiexpressonline.com/]
Bank of the Philippine Islands logo

Metrobank logo

EastWest logo

Philippine National Bank (PNB) [http://www.pnb.com.ph/]
Philippine National Bank logo

Development Bank of the Philippines [https://www.devbnkphl.com/]
Development Bank of the Philippines logo

Union Bank logo

May Bank logo

Land Bank of the Philippines [https://www.landbank.com/]
Landbank logo

China Bank logo

Asia United Bank [https://www.aub.com.ph/]
Asia United Bank logo

Bank of Commerce logo

MegaLink logo

BancNet logo

 Since there are a lot more, I listed the ones that have been present for quite sometime now. And may be the ones that have a lot of branches and have good presence in many places. If you want your bank to be included, do not hesitate to email me.


  1. Since forever my family's been quite loyal to BPI. The service really is topnotch and they do more than just help you save money! This post just reminded me how much I wanted Metrobank's Prepaid Card as well. Have you tried that one yet? :)

    1. If you are you asking me if I tried the Metrobank's Prepaid Card? Not yet. Been Loyal to BDO though. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  2. How about PS Bank? :) I've got accounts in BDO and BPI but i'm looking to invest some of my saved funds next year. :)

    1. Right! PS Bank can be added on the list. Thanks for this, will add soon.

  3. The list is really helpful when choosing which banks to choose from.

  4. Love BPI! :) My first bank that I tried as of now. Thanks for this helpful list of banks! :)

  5. Metrobank, a name you can trust.. ha,ha,ha.. 10 years na akong may account riyan.

  6. I wonder if you also have a listing of the rates of time deposits of these banks. I am looking for banks to invest in.

  7. I'm using Union Bank Eon for my online account...PayPal and EastWest for checking account


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