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Thursday, 8 May 2014

List Of Over-The-Counter Payment Facilities in Manila, Philippines: Money Transfer & Payment Method Option

I believe that as of the moment, Over-The-Counter method is the 2nd most preferred way of payment by Filipinos - that is before cash on delivery. I think this is due to that we have a physical point of transaction to base with not like via online purchases using a credit card where fraud is more likely to happen and everything is virtual. When we want to check, verify or follow-up our payment(s) done, we can go back there, find the person who received it and/or point the responsibility to that establishment/business when something goes with it either good or bad.

Knowing that credit card and other new various ways of payment is more convenient, slowly Filipinos are absorbing it and will soon be embraced by many. But for now, let me help you with this list:

M Lhuillier [http://www.mlhuillier.com/]
M Lhuillier logo

Cebuana Lhuillier [http://www.cebuanalhuillier.com/]
Cebuana Lhuillier logo

7-Eleven [http://www.7-eleven.com.ph/]
7-Eleven logo

Western Union [http://www.westernunion.com/Home]
Western Union logo

MoneyGram [http://global.moneygram.com/ph/en]
MoneyGram logo

XOOM [https://www.xoom.com/]
XOOM logo

Bayad Center [http://www.bayadcenter.com/]
Bayad Center logo

Did I miss any establishments or businesses that caters the given service or accepts over-the-counter payments in any form? Feel free to share it with me so I can add it on the post. Thank you!

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