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Monday, 5 May 2014

List Of Shopping Sites In Manila, Philippines: General Category: Online Malls

Some of us, especially the working class population sometimes do not have time anymore to go at malls and buy stuffs that we need or want due to time constraint. I just recently have gotten to this trend of buying things online and they are not that bad. Actually, I see them very convenient if you just know what to do and what to expect. From my previous posts of listing the pizza chains and fast food brands that do deliver from taking orders online, here is the list for the general merchandise category.

By the way, in some shops given in this list you may as well sell legit things.

BAYO [http://bayo.com.ph/]

Boardwalk [http://boardwalk.com.ph/]
BoardWalk logo

MALDITA [http://malditastore.com/]
Maldita logo

ZARA [http://www.zara.com/]
Zara logo

HaloHalomall [http://hallohallomall.com/]
Halo Halo Mall logo

Lazada [http://www.lazada.com.ph/]
or Lamido [http://www.lamido.com.ph/]
Lazada Logo

Kamiseta [http://www.kamiseta.com/]
Kamiseta logo

Macy's [http://www.macys.com/]
Macy's logo

MelissaPH [http://www.melissaphilippines.com/]
Melissa Philippines logo

MANGO [http://shop.mango.com/PH/mango]
MANGO logo

Shopinas [http://www.shopinas.com/]
Shopinas logo

The Mall [http://www.themall.ph/]
The Mall PH logo

Wee Mall [http://weemall.com/default.aspx]
Wee Mall logo

Zalora [http://www.zalora.com.ph/]
Zalora logo

ZOO [http://zoo.com.ph/main/]
ZOO logo


Kasha [http://kasha.com.ph/]
Kasha logo


If you will be asking me if I already have tried them all, not really. But I find this list very helpful for those who want to window shop online searching for the things they either need or want with the right price thru a reliable or an established business.

Let me know if I missed something and I'll add it on the list once verified.


  1. Hello Micheal,

    You might also want to add in your list Lamido Philippines in your list. Lamido is an online buy and sell website where you can post your items for sale for free!

    I think it's best you add Lamido in your list of buy and sell websites.

    Thanks for sharing this post, it was really helpful!


    1. Added it under Lazada. Thanks for the information Lady.

  2. Thanks for providing a great list! I hope you'll be adding shopthiseasy to this list.

  3. thanks providing excellent idea & great list.......very helpful list.

  4. Hi Michael this is a good information list. You might want to add https://www.goods.ph/ in your list. They sell groceries, electronics, appliances etc., they even have piso sale for real :)

  5. Thanks for sharing such a great shopping sites.

    USA - Online Socks Site For Men & Women - http://www.sockodelik.com/

  6. Hey Michael, thanks for the list. Can you please add www.greatvalueplus.ph just wondering maybe you can add them on your list. They also a legit online shop they sell authentic and original products at low prices too. They offer COD payment. Do check out their site.

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. ^^ up for ms aileen goods.ph should be included in the list because they have a lot of cheap items specially on gadgets.


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