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Saturday, 8 November 2014

Sisig Hooray: One Of The Best Pork Dishes In The World: Manila, Philippines: Review

Pork sisig
Pork sisig
In small or big gatherings, there are things that are must haves. Some of these are drinks, music, games, stories to tell, and one of the most important here is of course food. In the Philippines, there is a special regional dish that was developed overtime because of its rich social culture. Almost in every town, village or even street in Manila, you'll see a group of persons sharing their own personal daily experiences with each other partnered with their beverages and small snacks. There is a local term called "Pulutan" or Finger food that is very popular to every Filipino that in every gathering here it must be included. There are a lot to choose from as south-east Asian countries, where the Philippines is located are very popular with its unique finger foods history. But there is one that stood out from the rest and so it was called Sisig.
Sisig, a Kapampangan (People from the province of Pampanga) term that has a meaning of "to snack on something" well, usually sour, with fruit taste, half-ripped and sometimes dipped on a variety of seasonings by definition. 

Murakami: Japanese Restaurant (Asian Fusion): Marikina City: Review

Tori (Chicken Teriyaki)
Tori (Chicken Teriyaki) 
Growing up, I did not like eating any as in ANY vegetable because of their either plain or bitter taste. Although I heard that when you eat strictly leafy foods only, your life span will be longer than an average person plus you can maintain your youthful look. And now that I am on my 20's, I find eating vegetables a must to intake vitamins and minerals to take care of our body better, as an option from taking tablets and capsules with promises of nurturing our body with it.

Before I encountered this restaurant, I only eat vegetables with a condition. And what condition was it? It was that it has to be combined with a delicious and very flavorful main dish. Like I only eat vegetables in and with a burger, when eating Tocino, Longganisa, or Okoy.. But now, its different, I crave eating vegetables which I myself was shocked being in that situation.

Talking about this restaurant, its named Murakami. In Tagalog language, breaking the name in half gives you "Mura" and "kami" meaning affordable.

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Operation: Solid Lives (OSL): Taking Your Relationship with God To The Next Level: My Experience

Operation Solid Lives
These combination of words make some church people go weak just by hearing it. Well, if not in your church well then in mine haha! Kidding aside, I too on encountering it was very curious on why do some take this challenge? I mean to what purpose? For who? For the church? For the founder of the program? For business purposes (depends on how you take it)?

Honestly, its reputation from a first timer's view point is that its a terrifying activity/challenge. Why? Because if you'll hear or ask some of the people who tried or accepted it don't want to do it again (It has 5 levels, so you have to take it 5 times and has very strict guidelines to follow. You'll know more as you read on). For others, they say its not for them, its not their thing, or they are too busy to follow it. But there will be some that will say to you that it is life changing, and that would be me.

Let me first explain briefly what this OSL or Operation: Solid Lives - Intense Discipleship Program is.
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