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Monday, 29 December 2014

Joey Velasco Gallery: Riverbanks Center: Marikina City, Metro Manila

Hapag ng Pag-asa: Joey Velasco Gallery
Hapag ng Pag-asa
Let's admit that visiting museums and galleries is not that fun and exciting as compared to theme parks and shopping malls, well I'm speaking for most of Asians because it can also be affected by the people's culture, history and standard of living; Like most Europeans prefer going to historical museums, art galleries and artistic plays and musicals rather than any other activities. And one more thing, when we talk of spirituality and social responsibility, majority of the people gets bored with this topic but we all do know that it is one of the most significant and meaningful aspect of one's life right? I personally think that a person will only and truly understand specific things when he's eyes and heart is open for it. Well, when talking about galleries, generally, the story behind the art pieces is much more interesting than what we can see physically. And with our next feature, you'll never get less than what you have expected.

Featuring the Joey Velasco Gallery,

Joey Velasco Gallery entrance
Entrance at the Joey Velasco Gallery
Joey Velasco Gallery, is now a home to the spiritually moving art masterpieces and legacy of the late Joey Velasco. 
Joey Velasco is already with our Lord, Jesus Christ at the age of 43 due to a life-threatening kidney disease. He was best known for his very popular work Hapag ng Pag-asa, or Table of Hope, which is an illustration of the Last Supper with Jesus and street children instead of the disciples. And because if this, Mr. Velasco has stirred the hearts of many with his paintings. 

I am sure that when you visit the place, you will be awed by its beauty both the gallery and his paintings.

First works: Joey Velasco Gallery
Some of Mr. Velasco's first works

People who have visited the gallery or even have only seen his paintings will surely testify that it is not just a gallery. Though appreciation of art will be present, it is mainly or more of a place for reflection.  It is like the museum is alive, where art reflects the spiritual dimension of day to day living and opens our social awareness. According to Mr. Joey Velasco's wife, Ms. Queeny Velasco, it is a museum of “faith and patriotism”.  

Inside Joey Velasco Gallery
Inside Joey Velasco Gallery

More paintings at Joey Velasco Gallery
More paintings at Joey Velasco Gallery

Documentaries taken by Mr. Joey Vealsco himself about his advocacy plus the histories to the few of his paintings are available for viewing once your inside the museum. These documentaries will not only touch your heart but your spirit as well.

Joey Velasco Gallery photo 1

Joey Velasco Gallery photo 2

Take note that Mr. Joey Velasco did not take any art courses ever and some of his masterpieces are seen from dreams. Know more of these details by visiting the gallery yourself and be mesmerized by its wonders.

The given gallery is currently supported by the Joey Velasco Foundation (JVF) whose main priority is to support the Hapag Kids and their families, and the other families of Hapag Village in Amparo, Caloocan City. JVF continually creates livelihood projects for them in order to give training and enhance their skills and other activities for the value formation to each of them and of the community.

Address: 2nd level, E-com Building Riverbanks Center, Barangka Marikina City
Rates: P100/head, teachers with ID are free & open to senior citizens discount
Operating hours:  Friday to Sunday, 8:00AM to 5:00PM
Contact no.: 09439246065 (look for Cristy)
Joey Velasco Gallery logo
Now a home to the spiritually moving art masterpieces and legacy of the late Joey Velasco


  1. She has a lot of religious paintings. This would be a good stop for students. It would be a great place to reflect too.

  2. I am familiar with the works of Joey Velasco because of his works which were regularly featured in the calendars of my children's school when he was still alive. Really happy to know that we can have the chance to see his marvelous works through an exhibit.

  3. The gallery speaks for his life, arts and causes. It'll remain to peoples' minds and hearts in the passing of time.

  4. I love visiting museums. Joey Velasco works are indeed lovely. He displays much of his faith through his paintings.

  5. What I could remember about Joey Velasco is the documentary work about his artwork "Kambas ng Lipunan". Every filipino should watch that video. It's good to know that he has a gallery and being opened to the public for them to view and appreciate his artworks. More than that, they everyone alike should emulate the character and faith he has exemplified when he was still alive

  6. Seeing his artworks for P100 is really worth it. His artwork would be his contribution to the world.

  7. Paintings really makes the artist. It simple shows how great they are and I would love to have one of his paintings. :)

  8. I blogged about Joey Velasco way back before. The first time I saw his masterpiece "HAPAG NG PAGASA", I know that it will be one of the most treasured pieces in the Philippine art society. I wish I can visit his mini gallery soon!

  9. Joey Velasco did not take art classes but if someone clearly has talent, it will shine no matter what. The painting are vibrant and jump out from the photos you've posted. Wish I had the opportunity to visit the museum.

  10. Joey Velasco is a visionary, he sees in his dreams, what his heart's desire and he project this through his drawings. He confides his ideas & aspiration the immense spiritual and emotional present of his FAITH in God and become his tool to tell the people, that no matter how poor is the person, if he has FAITH and he BELIEVE in God they're so worth it!

  11. Great works of Joey Velasco there. It's great that people can see his masterpieces. Oh I wish I was talented as him and I can paint my dreams too.

  12. Nice post, things explained in details. Thank You.


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