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Saturday, 27 December 2014

Philippine Science Centrum: Riverbanks Center: Marikina City, Metro Manila

Human Gyro: Philippine Science Centrum
Human Gyro
Aside from growing, learning should not stop as well, this is one of the trainings that I am still carrying as of today. Even though I am now currently working, acquiring new things and bumping into unknown waters still excite me. Graduating from college was one of the best feelings I felt where I thought studying, home works and the burden of learning things thru not your preferred ways are needed, but I was wrong. I thought the hardships of the term we so call "school" was finished, but then again I was wrong. Now, I realized that learning must be a continuous development like change where it is constant.

In looking on the other side of it, learning must not be solely associated with work, hardship and boredom. Learning can be fun in ways where one can enjoy the experience, and our next feature is one great example of this.

Introducing the Philippine Science Centrum, also known as PSC is a 2,500 sq/m facility that can accommodate for about 3,000 guests in a day or 500 visitors in any given time slot.

The PSC is a recognized hands-on science center museum by the Department of Education (DOE), Department of Tourism (DOT) and Department of Science and Technology (DOST) as a great place of learning for school field trips and a good venue for a fun-filled group tour destination for everybody.

PSC is open to the general public hence not limiting anybody to visit.
The Philippine Science Centrum has over hundreds of hands-on exhibits categorized in eleven (11) exciting galleries (Bodyworks, Lights, Electricity & Magnetism, Mathematics, Vision and Perception, Infectious Diseases, Water, Earth Science, Kids’ World, Mechanics and Space) and a lot of educationally fun activities, socially responsible programs and trainings complementing the DOE‘s K to 12 education curriculum on upgrading the level of science education in the Philippines.

Some of their main attractions are as follows:

Van Degraaff Generator: Philippine Science Centrum
Van Degraaff Generator

Bernouli Blower: Philippine Science Centrum
Bernouli Blower

Frozen Shadow: Philippine Science Centrum
Frozen Shadow
When I visited the place, first I noticed is their schedule. It is very jammed pack where reservation is I think recommended before going to the place. Other than that, all things are good; The area is very spacious, clean and comfortable to go around to. There are a lot of awesome stuffs to see where everywhere you go there are somethings to deal with every time.

Those were the times that reading such written materials (explaining different phenomenons with the help of science) are not that boring to read because you know you can experience it in that particular moment. When you truly understand what really happens behind our weathers, climates, natural phenomenons and natural disasters, when explained in details, that is where we appreciate it more looking at it never as the same as before. Those are the times as well that we thought of things that may prevent it from happening or otherwise do such things to avoid being too much affected by its negative effects.

Surface Runoff: Philippine Science Centrum
Surface Runoff:

I am sure that not only the kids will enjoy their experience inside the museum but their parents as well since they know that the fun their children are experiencing is bagged with new learning to take home. You'll not get bored inside the museum other than walking towards the next attraction, very nice isn't it?

Head on a Platter: Philippine Science Centrum
Head on a Platter

Dual Flush: Philippine Science Centrum
Dual Flush

But wait there's more! PSC also offers other services such as: rental of exhibits for corporate & school events, venue for birthday celebrations, trainings, seminars and other science-related events. The PSC is the flagship program of the PFST or Philippine Foundation for Science and Technology, a private foundation engaged in promoting the science education in the Philippines.

So what are you waiting for? Experience fun & learning now here at the Philippine Science Centrum at Riverbanks Center.

Address: E-Com Building in Riverbanks Center, Barangka, Marikina City
Contact No.: 942-5136
Suite Address: 353 Youngland Rd., Camp 7 Baguio City, Philippines
Contact Nos.: 09178088421 or 09178088423 and ask for Roy or Millet
- See more at: http://michaelshut.blogspot.com/2013/03/emily-garden-suites-baguio-city.html#sthash.5gFNfog1.dpuf
Philippine Science Centrum logo
The first hands-on science-center museum in the Philippines


  1. I want to visit this place someday. I am sure my nephews and nieces will have fun here.

  2. This is something I'd like to check out on our next visit to the Philippines. I would imagine that a lot of students have field trips here which explains that the place is pretty jam-packed.

    1. I just read that they also offer the place as a venue for birthdays. This is a much better alternative to the usual fast food joints that parents default to for their kids.

  3. As we grow old we are subject to learn.... we get smarter as we age ika nga. Learning things in a different way everyday.

  4. This is so educational since you get to learn a lot of science knowledge here.

  5. Yes, this place is just perfect for my apo. Definitely, pupunta kami riyan.

  6. This is a nice place to visit for the kids summer. So that there's something educational pa rin other than going to the malls.

  7. Is there a charge for entrance? and is the rate different for adults and students? I would love to visit.

  8. Very interesting blog. A lot of blogs I see these days don't really provide anything that attract others, but I'm most definitely interested in this one. Just thought that I would post and let you know.


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