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Thursday, 5 May 2016

Chevy Burger: Marikina City, Lamuan: Manila, Philippines

Chevy Burger - Lamuan branch
Chevy Burger - Lamuan branch
Discovering great places to eat is one of the things that is very fun to share. On a personal note, I make it a point that a number of my friends or family go and try eating there as well since I am very curious on how will they find it. Will we have the same reaction after or will it be different? (and many more questions similar to that)

Honestly, I have eaten here quite a number of times already and just blogged about it now since I became quite busy with other things (erm, like work hehe). I'll share my favorite dishes here provided by the featured establishment so that in the event you have the chance to try it, feel free to let me know if you find them good or not.

Introducing to you one of the break-out food establishments in Marikina, our feature for this post - Chevy BurgerThe name is catchy since the word "chevy" is very seldom used which means closely like "to chase or hunt". Combining it with burger, giving you a statement which may mean "A burger worthy of finding".
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