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About the blog

Michael David Oyco picture with friends
I am with my church mate Ate Glo with her cute baby Gab
Hi there! My name is Michael. I created this blog since March 2013 to spend my spare time in a more productive way, so I hope you guys enjoy it. The blog is categorized under personal blogs where I share the things I am interested in. As a graduate of a marketing degree in the University of Santo Tomas (Entrepreneurship to be exact), I enjoy  promoting the things I like that will benefit the blog's visitors but not limited to that. I became fond of sharing the things I find interesting here very productive and as well as helpful to others. And that is why one of my goal in here is to do this (write informative and hopefully helpful article posts for others) as often as I could.

Just to share, one of my dreams is to have a work plus ministry job at the same time which would be very awesome. I know it contradicts each other but having that kind of life would be nice. Fulfilling both financial and spiritual aspect of life in one. (If I can still put healthy living and fit life-style there, that would be perfect, haha!)

And if you are curious about the logos that can be found on the top left part of my header photo, they are parts of my history where I mostly got my backgrounds.

* Marikina Christian Pre-School - From Nursery & Kindergarten [Foursquare logo used]
* Marist School (Marikina) - From Preparatory (Prep) to Grade 6
* University of Santo Tomas (Manila) - From First year, freshman to Fourth year, senior
* Innovatronix Incorporated (Antipolo) - First official company that employed me
* Riverbanks Development Corporation (Marikina) - 2nd stop

By the way, feel free to email me at my official email address which is michaeldavidoyco@gmail.com for any concerns or partnerships may be (I don't know) that would involve me. Thanks! Sponsorships would be too awesome I guess? Your call guys.

Emmanuel - God is with us,
(John 3:16)

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