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Bucket List

I personally am not fond of and used to on listing things that I wanted to do, especially if it is for future unless its work-related. But it won't hurt to try and let you guys know about it, right? Knowing a little bit of me is part of having a blog and besides, who knows that one of you guys will be the way to make some of them a reality. It would be wayyy super cool!

I am pretty sure to forget some of the things that I will be writing here for sometime. But rest assured that I will remember them when I get back to this list, or even add some of the unlisted ones.

Here goes for nothing:

* Ride a 90 degrees down roller-coaster - X-2 ride from Six-Flags, California
* Ride a more extreme roller coaster than the X-2 (New Jersey!!)
* Experience the Formula 1 ride Ferrari World at UAE, Dubai
* Ride a Jet fighter plane and do a twist and turn acrobatic
* Ride a helicopter
* Ride a plane - Done
* Ride a plane alone to another country - An unforgettable moment, Los Angeles
* Ride a plane for a business trip - Done
* Ride a plane on business class
* Ride a motorcycle - Done
* Ride a long cable car - HK trip
* Experience a cruise or ride a ship
* Bungee Jump (or even reverse) - Boracay 2016
* Sky Dive (any feet)
* Parachute Ride
* Reach the peak of Mt. Everest
* Reach "Christ the Redeemer" statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
* See the Stone Henge in person
* Walk in the Great wall of China
* See an Egyptian pyramid
* Touch the waters of the Amazon River
* See an actual eruption of a volcano
* See in person the famous Aurora Borealis
* See how beautiful Maldives is (top view)
* Rappel - in one of a church camp or school field trip
* Zip Line - at Loreland resort, Antipolo
* Under the sea diving
* Surf, in water
* Roller skate - with my older brother John & cousin Micro at Kingsville, Cainta
* Learn another local dialect
* Become fluent on another foreign language (other than English)
* Buy a lot (with or without a house)
* Own a business - Galacscape computer shop, a thesis/4th year college project
* Own a theme park
* Own a house
* Own a building
* Own a gym (personal or business)
* Own a sports complex (even start from a simple badminton court)
* Own a pet tiger
* Go to any part of United States - visit relatives from time to time
* Go to New York - A Business trip, IX Photo Plus Expo
* Go to Las Vegas, Nevada - IX WPPI Expo
* Sleep on one of its known hotels - Excalibur Hotel
* Go to an African wild life
* Go to Red Woods, San Francisco
* Go to Alaska (any part even the border, HAHA!)
* Go to North OR South Pole
* Go to Japan - 2016
* Go to UAE
* Go to Korea - Incheon Airport
* Go to Boracay Island - 2016
* Go to Scott Land and see the view of Sky Fall setting from James Bond movie
* Go to High Tatras, Slovakia where Eragon the movie was filmed
* Visit any Disney Land theme park - Hong Kong
* Visit Disney Land Singapore
* Visit a Universal Studio theme park - California
* Experience a negative degree temperature - BiwakoValley, Japan trip
* See a mountain FULLY covered with snow (like Mt. Fuji) - BiwakoValley, Japan trip
* And climb it, ROFL - BiwakoValley, Japan trip
* See ice formation like islands - From a plane view to NY
* See a Dessert horizon (pure sand)
* See an actual Camel
* Snow board
* Go to space
* Talk to an astronaut in complete suit
* Experience zero gravity - Superman ride from Six-Flags
* See snow - Arizona, US
* Experience an actual snow fall - Japan trip
* See Grand Canyon - Very nice, you won't believe it at first
* See the Empire State building - My neck hurts on looking up from below
* Experience the Empire State building viewing deck - Great view, I feel like King Kong
* See the actual Statue of Liberty - from the NY business trip
* Walk in the streets of New York City - from the NY business trip
* Experience central park NY - from the NY business trip
* Go to NY Central square - from the NY business trip
* Experience Casino - from LA family trip
* See the Brooklyn bridge where Godzilla was slain
* See the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco
* See Ground Zero
* Experience a sand storm
* Make a known landmark ride
* Create an App
* Create a game application
* Meet a Hollywood star (not made in wax)
* See an actual behind-the-scene Hollywood movie
* Be a friend with a local celebrity (main stream) and ask how things are doing
* Meet Kristine Hermosa or Jessy Mendiola in person
* Have 5 sons who can all play in one sport and be as a team
* Finish reading the bible
* See a wild snake - Little but creepy
* Receive an actual check from Google for this blog
* Represent our country Philippines to any international activity.

This will be all for now.

But for sure I will be adding more soon. Feel free to let me know your thoughts: If you have experienced them already, you are just about to do them, you share the same interest, you recommend a more daring activity, suggest a great addition to the list, etc..

I really do not expect anything to happen at once but everything has its right time. I usually do not do anything to make a single thing on the given list be pushed or force it to happen. But when God plans to give it to you, Thank Yooouuuu Lord!


  1. At least you had it all written down. I haven't even started on my writing down my bucket list.

  2. Seems to me you are doing well so far as I see many items already crossed -out.

  3. I haven't written mine though I say that visiting Batanes which I did last year is part of my bucket last. I also have running in Angkor Wat which I did last year and this year I finished a full marathon, which is also a bucket list activity. I have yet to organize my full list though.

  4. Waaaah! I'm envious! You've been to the US already. Good for you. :) Visiting that part of the world is also on my travel bucket list.

  5. We'll you have definitely have goals! That's for sure! My bucket list involves pokemon, becoming president and a whole lot of ambitious out of this world stuff.

  6. Although it's intriguing in my part to make a bucket list but I done it before right after watching the movie with same title. I think it's coming from it. I love the idea of touching the waters of Amazon River. I will create mine.


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