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Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Superman ride | Tree Top Adventure Baguio | Attractions and Rides inside

As we think of places to visit and activities to do while we were in Baguio, I suddenly thought that having some adrenaline-pumping moments is a must for us. I remembered that there was a unique place here that offers such a rush that led us to this recreational establishment (nature park). 

Tree top superman ride
It's more scary than you think

Monday, 2 December 2019

Canto Bogchi Joint | Best lomo ribs in town | Baguio City, Philippines

We first ate here with our "balikbayans" just last year and here we are again finding ourselves going back to the same place where we enjoyed eating one of the famous meals in the city. Well, I don't know if it's an official thing there but most of the people we know who live there recommend this place as one of the musts when you visit Baguio.

lomo ribs (half salb)
lomo ribs (half salb)

Tuesday, 19 November 2019

Ebe Dancel performs "Prom" by Sugarfree at The 70s Bistro Bar (Anonas, Quezon City)

So just as Carlo arrived from the United States, plans were being formed from watching movies, sleeping over, playing sports, to doing quick adventures like hiking and food trips.. but from all of those, a new activity pushed through which was watching a live music performance (gig) by Ebe Dancel at The 70s Bistro Bar.

Carlo, Philip, and Co
the wigglies getaway (lol)

Monday, 18 November 2019

Reboot camp fitness Marikina | Get fit, don't quit | Free weights

Who wouldn't want to get fit? I bet almost everyone wants to be healthy and kicking like a horse every single day of our lives, right? But a big yet very simple question that separates us from that is "Are you willing to change your lifestyle to obtain that goal?"

One of my dreams is to have my own gym someday even how small it may be so it will inspire not only myself but my community as well about being healthy or increase health consciousness at the very least. Our health is an investment worth investing at for the long run that many people take for granted, so for the meantime, let me share with you about this gym near our place  that is ready to take that challenge head-on.

dumbbells at Reboot camp fitness

Friday, 1 November 2019

Churros and milk tea by StopOver cafe at Bugallon street, Marikina Heights

One of the most underrated parts of one's journey is how you get to the target destination. It may go with a lot of factors but it is the experience itself that makes it exciting, right? As we may stumble a number of road-blocks in between, some stopovers are necessary for some and it is what spices the whole thing.

Well, we found a stopover that might just suit your preference and up the game when it comes to stopping over.

My orders at StopOver cafe
StopOver cafe