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Friday, 3 April 2020

Mt. Maynuba at Tanay, Rizal | An epic mountain with 8 waterfalls | Windiest trek yet

As per hiking for quite a while now, our "dayhike" mountain group (neks nemen!), which consists of regular working people that cannot afford to have long leaves decided to go to this unique mountain that has 8 waterfalls along its trails. 8?! What are we waiting for? Let's go! lol!

Mt. Maynuba grass trails
those rolling hills landscape is killing it

Saturday, 28 March 2020

Mt. Parawagan | 360 degrees obstruction-free view at the summit | Beginner-friendly hike

If you are looking for a smooth and a semi-convenient hike perfect for beginners, this might be the perfect place for it. Not only that it has one of the plainest trails I have ever experienced but I bet doing trail runs in here would be so much fun. The good thing here is that the views are just as amazing as hiking the other difficult ones.

sunrise at Mt. Parawagan
sunrise at Mt. Parawagan

Friday, 20 March 2020

How much will you earn if you have 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours on YouTube?

I never would have known that I will be checking out two financial related items off in my bucket list consecutively. The surprising thing here is that I just did realize it now while writing this post. It makes me be in awe to feel how blessed I am right now, really, counting your blessings is indeed better than counting your problems.

How much will you earn having 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours on YouTube

Saturday, 14 March 2020

How to avoid coronavirus, nCov, or COVID-19 pandemic outbreak | Safety tips, preventions, and precautions

As World Health Organization (WHO) declares this coronavirus or popularly known as nCov, COVID-19 or novel coronavirus pandemic, let us know more about this mysterious disease that has been spreading around the globe and strucking people and economies in unimaginable ways such as locking down cities, shutting down businesses, and even canceling of any general gatherings or similar. 

coronavirus prevention
no to coronavirus

Tuesday, 10 March 2020

Hulugan falls at Luisiana, Laguna (drone footage) | One of the tallest waterfalls near Metro Manila

So after climbing mountains, we searched for a breath of fresh air that would break the norm of our adventures. And we thought since some of the hikes we do include waterfalls, why not search for a big one that would be the main attraction. After taking many considerations such as location, quality of view, accessibility, and timing.. we just found the perfect one that is one for the books.  

groupie under Hulugan waterfalls
groupie under this majestic waterfalls