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Thursday, 21 March 2019

5 Things you still might not know about Riverbanks Center, Marikina City

Riverbanks Center
Riverbanks Center
I have been here in Marikina City most of my life and to even amplify that point, my work experiences are mostly just within the area. Well, it has its pros and cons really but I like focusing on the good and better stuffs than the bad ones of course. Some if it are less traffic, more time to do other stuffs, our house is literally minutes away, and a whole lot more. Given with this situation, of course I have more time to discover more things in the neighborhood and one of the places I usually go to is at Riverbanks Center here along the A. Bonifacio road. Well, they are quite known here because aside from you have to pass along their entrance before entering the city (which is the popular and easier way really), they host the biggest events here that is attended not only by MarikeƱos but by all the other residents of the neighboring cities.

I am pretty sure most MarikeƱos know them a lot. But can you score 5 out of 5 on this list? Be honest and let us know how well do you know Riverbanks Center - Marikina.

Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Online printing and imaging services can now be done and delivered at home: Manila, Philippines

2nd borns photo shoot
2nd borns photo shoot
Guys, did you know that you can now also print your pictures online in Lazada through Tronix Imaging? They even have some of their imaging services there too like the caricature and ID photo switch. If you know the Tronix Imaging Centers on malls near you, they are basically handled by the same company. At least they can already be trusted since we know they have enough experience on the industry. In other words, you know the service is "legit" lol. And since it is under Lazada, the prints and/or (if I saw it right) some framed products can now be delivered right at your desired place.

For now, I tried ordering for a relative his ID photo and lets us evaluate how the service and product goes. I'll try to make this blog post convenient as possible by providing their step by step procedure carefully. I also produced a video at the bottom of the post for the actual ordering experience. In there, you'll see the live feed on how I ordered this ID package with the photo switch service until the final product was delivered in our house. Lets just hope to receive it like ordering directly through one of their Tronix Imaging outlets. So, lets start?

Thursday, 14 March 2019

5 Things to do when you are in Puerto Princesa: Palawan, Philippines

Starfish Island in Palawan
Starfish Island in Palawan
The Philippines is quite known of having so many beautiful islands and of course beaches around the world. Then, what would you do if you were in it right now? Do you have any ideas? I bet you have a crazy list in mind already but let's talk about the practical ones. The ones that we already did in one of the most popular island the country has, which is Puerto Princesa city at Palawan island.

This tip was a trip that almost did not happened. Melody is one of the people who anticipates seat sales of our local airlines here. She usually buys them immediately when either she likes it and/or she thinks some of her friends like it too. The catch here is that the sale usually lasts for some minutes and most of the time seconds only as many also do it too. Thus bringing us to the situation of sacrificing our schedules for that if time comes. Though we already have previous talks on having a trip together (the best batch, haha!) but not as surprising as this one lol. So after fixing our work leaves and personal errands, we pushed through with the trip. Wow! This is really happening haha!

Subli Guest Cabins
Subli Guest Cabins

As part of our schedule of course on arriving on the island, we first settled in our booked place there which is at Subli. A super cozy place to stay. So simple. The area was clean, peaceful and relaxing. Man, one of the things I really miss there is eating breakfast (You'll see in the video below why). They have accommodating staffs which can help you coordinate if you need some transportation. The place was surrounded with plants, trees, and they even have a wooden cottage library for the bookworms out there (not me lol). So if you are looking for such a place, not to mention their affordable rates too, this one is really recommendable. And with this, let us start the list of things to do when you are in Puerto Princesa, Palawan.

Monday, 11 March 2019

7 challenging things to do at Phillip's Sanctuary: Team Building Venue: Antipolo, Philippines

Rope course at Phillip's Sanctuary
One of the rope courses
Are you bored and tired of the usual team building activities you do, and places you go when its time to wire that corporate teamwork? Are you guys up for something new and want to challenge the group's capability to become better at things you never did before? Well, we got something good for you.

A few years back, we needed a fresh place to jump start our church group's spirit and roll it over the year. A number of venues were suggested by friends and families but one stood out, and as we checked their facilities over the internet and did an ocular visit, it was definitely what we needed. We booked and scheduled our team building for the year here as excitement builds up inside the church group. From time to time, I post intriguing pictures of the venue in our group chat (like the one above) to thrill them on the upcoming game day. But seriously, who wouldn't be challenged if you see this photo and you know you have to go through this soon.. Man, I suddenly remembered the chilling excitement and nervousness at the same time again.

Friday, 8 March 2019

3 Reasons Why I Play Badminton And Why You Should Too: Katipunan Prime Badminton Center

Katipunan Prime Badminton Center
Katipunan Prime Badminton Center
In growing up, we are usually exposed on playing and/or watching (at the least) variety of sports. There are a lot. There is basketball, volleyball, different kinds of tennis, swimming, running, and the list can go on, and on, and on. You'll be enjoying a few of them, but there will always be one which you'll love doing more than the others. For others, sports can be just a hobby on their free time. For a some, it can be a career like being an athlete. For some, sports can be just an outlet of emotions to release stress. But for a few, it can be all of that and more. I don't know which category above you consider yourself you belong at, but for this blog post, I will share my take on the "3 Whys".

WHY badminton in all the sports out there? WHY play at Katipunan Prime considering a number of badminton courts are present within the area? And WHY playing badminton is good for you too..

I started playing badminton back when I was still a kid just beside our house. I vividly remember playing with literally anyone who is willing to play the sport with me. I'll play it with my brothers, cousins, neighbors, and I don't care how old you are. As long as you'll smack the shuttlecock back at me, we are good. And yes, to the point of playing with the wall if no one really was available. Back then, playing with any kind of racket with that plastic shuttlecock is already happiness. If you even add the net in between us, come on, we'll consider it as an ice cream on top. Thank you! Those were the days..

But naturally, as we grew with the sport, thus our expectations and requirements go along with it.