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Monday, 13 July 2020

Steak food trip at Brickfire (review) | Lilac street, Marikina City | Community quarantine

We all have our own comfort food whether it's by what we are used to eating, how we were raised, or simply by choice. It is the one we usually crave for when we are sad, happy, or we just feel like it. For this post, its steak time! Often, steak is paired with the word expensive or luxurious because of its price, but what if I told you we found a food establishment that serves it at an affordable price to satisfy that craving, lets? lets.

Cowgirl Annie (plain steak) at Brickfire
Cowgirl Annie (plain steak)

Wednesday, 10 June 2020

Rhipe's Clothing by Ira Denise Oyco | An online business success story | How did it all start

As one of the first-ever blog posts I have written 7 years ago (Article here), I am very much happy to update you with what this online clothing store/brand has achieved so far. It was formerly known as Rhipe's backyard then but for obvious reasons of expanding, it is currently named Rhipe's clothing still, of course, owned by our very own Ira Oyco.

Paolo and Ira of Rhipe's clothing
Paolo and Ira of Rhipe's clothing

Monday, 25 May 2020

7 reasons or inspirations to keep blogging/vlogging | Helpful things blogs and vlogs can do

I became a full-time blogger/vlogger recently and man, you'll just really appreciate them more once you are in their shoes already. I even wrote 3 great things why you need to write a few years back (lol). To be honest, it is not that easy, simple, and fun as we thought it will be because we mostly only see the finished products, and obviously, only when it's ready. But once you know the stories and efforts behind those articles and videos, it is a totally different scenario.

7 inspirations to keep blogging or vlogging
7 reasons

Thursday, 7 May 2020

I earned $73 or P3,650 in one day with Google Adsense on my lifestyle/personal blog

I was earning a decent amount of dollars per day as per my account was just recently monetized when this happened. But never did I imagine earning this much in a single day without doing anything special compared to all the other days I routinely do. What made it happen? Let's look deeper into the details here below.

$73 in one blogging day

Thursday, 30 April 2020

Boracay island checklist | white-sand beach | one of the best islands in the world

It's so ironic to having visited other countries like Korea, Japan, and some parts of the United States like Las Vegas and New York without even stepping on some of our own pride areas here in the Philippines. Well, its now time to do that. Let's discover more of what this world-famous island has to offer.

Michael at Boracay
Island life