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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Emily's Garden Suites | Baguio City Hotels - Philippines: Review

In thinking of your dream vacation, your imagination is your limit right? Anything is possible, and everything is attainable. A world where everything is for you - what makes you happy and feel contented. Would you like a step closer to achieving and experiencing a glimpse of it?

Emily's Garden Suites - Main House Entrance
Main House Entrance

We found a garden up in the Philippines' higher grounds for you to stay and enjoy God's creation in a more personal way. It has an altitude of approximately 1,540 meters or 5,050 feet.
Emily’s Garden is a hotel/garden/event place located in Baguio City. Initially, Emily's garden will have about 6 standard guest rooms & 4 family suites that will be open for rent. 
Emily's Garden Suites - Front facade
Front facade

Emily's Garden Suites - Back facade
Back facade

Emily’s Garden already has a 200 sqm open-air garden & a 100 sqm covered garden that will be open for rent. It will be specialized to host events such as weddings and birthdays, as well as company meetings and team-building programs. These sites can mostly accommodate up to about 200 people.

Emily's Garden Suites - Parking lot
Parking lot

Emily's Garden Sites (main house)
inside the main house

Couch area - main house
Couch area - main house

The family suites are named after the owner's 4 gorgeous and beautiful daughters and a son whose names are Pauline, Hanika, Denise, Regina, and Nico. So spending time in this paradise-like haven can be just as peaceful and wonderful as you've dreamed of.

Emily's Garden Suites - Suite Pauline
Suite Pauline

Emily's Garden Suites - Suite Regina
Suite Regina

Emily's Garden Suites - Room Nico 1
Room Nico 1, (new) 12/27/14

Emily's Garden Suites - Room Nico 2
Room Nico 2, (new) 12/27/14

Emily's Garden Suites - Room Nico 3
Room Nico 3

Emily's Garden Suites - Suite Denise
Suite Denise

Emily's Garden Suites - Suite Hanika
Suite Hanika

Emily's Garden Suites - Suite Virginia, (new) 12/27/14
Suite Virginia, (new) 12/27/14

We have been here for a couple of times already and our stay was great! The location is perfect in terms of its distance from the main streets of Baguio. The place is very big, clean and comfortable to stay in. The garden was just magnificently done where the view is breath-taking. I am sure that you will recommend this place to your friends and family just like you have found another discovery (A found treasure) because every sight is eye-candy and very homey.

Emily's Garden Suites - Event hall
Event hall

Back open - lower garden (Event's place)
Back open - lower garden (Event's place)

Emily's Garden Suite garden
EGS garden
Emily's Garden Suite - Rates
Emily's Garden Suite - Rates (Click to magnify)

Since many weddings, group team-buildings and corporate meetings are always being held in its event halls and gardens, regular developments happen. We are still in touch with some of their people because they are very friendly and accommodating. And as per their update, the place continues to develop and surprise their previous visitors on always finding something new every time they go back.

Are you ready to go home in Baguio?

Suite Address: 353 Youngland Rd., Camp 7 Baguio City, Philippines
Contact Nos.: 09178088421 or 09178088423 and ask for Roy or Millet
Facebook account:
Wix website:
Emily's Garden Suites-Baguio logo

 Your home in Baguio


  1. I'm from Baguio and will recommend this place to those asking me where to stay in Baguio.

  2. My mom has always wanted to go back to Baguio for a short vacation, but my response is that we have been to almost every good tourist spots - no good reason to return. Now, I finally found an answer. This garden suits really looks nice!

    1. Let me know if you visited the place already!

  3. This place looks really nice will recommend this place to my friends who need to a place to stay in Baguio.

  4. Wow! The rate ain't that expensive, considering the rooms and amenities being offered there. I'll definitely check them out once I plan a trip back to Baguio. By the way, is it near any of the known attractions?

  5. The place looks great. I'm sure you had a great time staying there. I would love to go to Baguio right now to enjoy its cool weather.

  6. What I like about this suite is it is very affordable then the place gives a very home feel not so fancy but the place is put together so nice.

  7. very nice . . feels like home. my daughter celebrated her 2nd birthday here. . family and relatives from baguio, manila, san fernando city and luna la union had a great overnight experience at EG. . .:-D

  8. How much for a garden wedding?

  9. How much for the garden wedding venue and reception?tnx

    1. Follow the link given above, it should have the updated rates there.

  10. Nice venue, the garden is perfect for special occasions like weddings and debuts. Thanks for the info

    1. Following their social media, a lot of that already took place.

  11. This is very nice Michael. I wanna comeback and bring my family there.